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Willow-Locust-Lyndale Watershed Stormwater Management Analysis and Planning

With the increase in frequency and severity of significant rain events in recent years, stormwater problems in the Village have become more prevalent.  One of the more significant problem areas is the Willow-Locust-Lyndale watershed area.  In 2021, the Village Administration and Engineer commenced a project to fully study, analyze, and identify solutions in this watershed to improve stormwater flow and prevent flooding.

The results of the initial stormwater study and analysis was completed and presented to the public on November 8, 2021.  The Village‚Äôs engineering firm, CT Consultants, provided a comprehensive analysis of stormwater flow in this watershed and created a model in which to test the effects of potential projects that could address the stormwater problems.

A second presentation from CT Consultants was held on May 18, 2022 where potential solutions to stormwater management in this watershed were presented.  Five (5) project areas were identified and the elements of each proposed solution were discussed.  A copy of the full presentation is provided here for public viewing and downloading.

The Village Administration and Engineer will now further review, evaluate, and prioritize each of the five (5) project areas in this watershed, as well as evaluate potential grant opportunities and funding sources.  Once this action plan is complete, it will be presented in another public meeting at a time to-be-determined. 


05/18/2022Streets & Sidewalks MeetingStormwater Study – Potential SolutionsPresentation , Video
11/08/2021Streets & Sidewalks MeetingStormwater Study – AnalysisPresentation, Audio
06/28/2021Streets & Sidewalks MeetingStormwater Study – OverviewPresentation, Video, Minutes