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Bob Jirousek » Utilities Department

The Chagrin Falls Utilities Department is located on Meadow Lane.

All fire hydrants will be tested & flushed starting on
Monday, February 24th |   Mon-Fri   | 8am to 4pm

Chagrin Falls water and sewer services are provided by our Utilities Department.  The department maintains 18.2 miles of water mains throughout the village, processing all water in our Waste Water Treatment plant.

Chagrin Falls water customers are fortunate because we enjoy an abundant supply of water from two sources.  We receive water from the City of Cleveland, which is surface water taken from Lake Erie, and we operate the Franklin Street Well Field, a groundwater source.  These two sources are blended at the Solon Road Booster Station.  Chagrin Falls also has a second connection to Cleveland on Falls Road at the Moreland Hills line.


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