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Provided by the Chagrin Falls Utility Department.

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Provided by First Energy/The Illuminating Company

The Chagrin Falls Utilities Department is located on Meadow Lane.

Chagrin Falls water and sewer services are provided by our Utilities Department.  (Electric service is provided by First Energy/The Illuminating Company.)
The department maintains 18.2 miles of water mains throughout the village, processing all water in our Waste Water Treatment plant.

Chagrin Falls water customers are fortunate because we enjoy an abundant supply of water from two sources.  We receive water from the City of Cleveland, which is surface water taken from Lake Erie, and we operate the Franklin Street Well Field, a groundwater source.  These two sources are blended at the Solon Road Booster Station.  Chagrin Falls also has a second connection to Cleveland on Falls Road at the Moreland Hills line.

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You may also drop-off a payment. Either visit us at Village Hall or use the lockbox outside the Police Department’s front door. Both offices are located at: 21 West Washington Street, Chagrin Falls, OH, 44022. The lock box is attached to the wall and is available 24/7 and is checked every week day. Please call 440-247-5050 or email with any questions or concerns you may have.

View the Utility Bill Flyer for more details including your payment options.
Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

Waste Water Treatment Plant and Sewer Information

The Village is about to undertake a rebuilding program for the Waste Water Treatment Plant and waste water collection system (sewers).

  • This is required as many of our sanitary sewer lines are over 100 years old and in need of repair and relining.
  • Our treatment plant is approaching 50 years old with the last major renovation done in 1992.
  • Additionally, we have certain commitments to meet to remain in compliance with our Ohio EPA (OEPA) discharge permit.

Relining sewer lines to eliminate ground water entering the system is the most cost-efficient means of rehabilitating sewers if done before the line deteriorates to the point of needing to be replaced.

The Village has identified the E. Washington Street sewer line as the top priority for relining and repair.

It is hard to fully appreciate things that cannot be seen and understand why repair is necessary. Accordingly, we had the length of this sewer video recorded last summer by United Survey, Inc., the company evaluating the sewer line.  United Survey, Inc. confirmed what our flow metering of the line first disclosed, the line was a major source of ground water infiltration into the treatment system.

Below are photos from that video.

The white you see in the photos are misalignment of the pipe or cracks in the pipe. The growth you see in the pipe is where misalignment and cracks have allowed roots to enter the system.

This line needs immediate relining. If this relining is not done promptly, the line may cease to function and could result in sewage backups.  Also, without relining and repair it will allow ground water to infiltrate into the sewer and continue to contribute to treatment plant capacity over loads. Elimination of capacity overloads is one requirement of our OEPA license renewal. The Village is proposing to start this project this summer.

On East Washington Street, The Village will be relining the sanitary sewer main and the portion of the laterals running from the main to the edge of the road right away. The property owner is responsible for the portion of lateral sewer line from the road right away to their structure. Property owners can elect to participate in relining their portion of the lateral if it needs repair.

While specific details are being worked out, The Village intends to offer the property owner, on a voluntary participation basis, the option of relining their lateral at the same price per foot that the Village is paying for the sewer main relining. It is our intention to video each of the laterals and provide the property owner with a copy of this video. It is our intention to offer optional long-term financing to cover this cost.