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Building and Zoning Department

The Building Department is accepting submissions/permits/registrations either by mail or by dropping off in the secure drop box outside the Police Department’s Front Door, labeled “Village Document Drop Box”. This box is checked every business day & is sanitized regularly. When submitting permits, the permit application & required details, & fees must be submitted together in order for the application to be processed & reviewed. Once approved & processed, the permit application will either be mailed to the applicant if a self-addressed stamped  envelope is provided or they will be emailed. Processing applications can take up to 10 days.

New buildings going up in Chagrin Falls

The Chagrin Falls Building and Zoning Department is managed by Building Inspector Dominic Cribari.


Building & Zoning Department Responsibilities

  • Works under the direction of the Chief Administrator.
  • Review all zoning and building applications.
  • Responsible for the issuing of all zoning, building permits and occupancy permits for zoning.
  • Over sees the inspections of residential building construction for 1, 2 & 3, family dwellings.
  • Reviews and prepare submissions for Architectural Review Board, agendas, minutes and correspondence pertaining to ARB matters.
  • Handles zoning complaints.
  • Enforces the property maintenance code violations.
  • Meets with property owners, residents, business owners to be of service and assist them with them with concerns, questions and matters pertaining to building and zoning.
Machinery hovers near a new building in Chagrin Falls.

The Building Department works with two committees on decisions concerning area construction.  The Architectural Board of Review makes decisions regarding exterior design proposals.  The Board of Zoning Appeals handles requests for variances on renovations or new construction.  Many questions can be answered by consulting the Building Department FAQ below.  If you have additional questions, contact Dominic Cribari at 440-247-5050 ext. 5010.

Building and Zoning FAQ


Building Inspector

Dominic Cribari
Assistant Building and Zoning Inspector

Email Me

Direct Line: 440-247-5050 ext. 5010

Please call the Building Secretary, Katie Knauff for General Questions at 440-247-5050 ext. 1912 or email at



Permits and Forms

ABR Application0.3 MiB201
Appeal ABR Decision0.2 MiB31
Commercial-Property-Release-Form47 KiB118
Concrete Wash Out90 KiB101
Contractor-Registration & Bond-Form0.4 MiB718
Ditch Enclosure Storm Sewer GUIDELINES0.1 MiB91
Electrical Residential Permit Form0.5 MiB201
Energy Code Compliance Rev (ID 37826)0.3 MiB1207
Fence Wall Retaining Wall Permit Application0.3 MiB163
Form ParkEvent0.3 MiB810
Generator Permit Application-WHOLE HOUSE0.3 MiB153
Homeowner Affidavit For Permits34 KiB88
Lot Consolidation Split Form0.5 MiB387
Mechanical Residential Permit Form0.6 MiB164
Occupancy Application For Zoning Commerical Property61 KiB156
Plumbing Residential Permit Form1.1 MiB93
RCO Energy Compliance Declaration Form0.1 MiB361
RCO System Descriptions Form0.2 MiB355
Residential Combo Permit Form0.7 MiB319
Right-of-Way-Permit Sewer & Other0.4 MiB133
Sidewalk Cafe Permit Application35 KiB211
Siding Permit Applciation0.7 MiB174
Sign Permit Application ABR0.6 MiB1
Swimming Pool Permit Application0.7 MiB116
Variance Application BZA (2021-09-16)0.2 MiB190
Window Permit Application0.7 MiB74