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Rob Jamieson

Chief Administrative Officer Administration
Work Phone: 440-247-5050


Robert Jamieson has been employed with the Village of Chagrin Falls since April of 2012.  He was promoted to Assistant Administrator in September 2017.  In January 2018 he was appointed to Chief Administrative Officer.  Rob holds both a Master of Public Administration degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies degree from Cleveland State University Levin College of Urban Affairs.

Robert has 14 years of full-time experience and several years of part-time experience in the Public Works field prior to joining the team in Chagrin Falls.

The Chief Administrative Officer functions as the head of the Department of Public Service and:

* Manages all operations of the Municipally-owned utilities.
* Makes investigations and analyses of finances of the Municipally-owned utilities, and make recommendations to Council and the Mayor concerning all charges and rates to be made for services rendered and all extensions and curtailments of service.
* Makes investigations and recommendations to Council and the Mayor concerning all new construction, maintenance and replacement of existing facilities and equipment, and planning of future operations of the Municipally-owned utilities.
* Is responsible for the construction, improvement, repair and maintenance of all public streets and alleys, public buildings, drains, ditches, storm sewer facilities, parks, playgrounds, and public places; including public cemeteries.
* Makes investigations and recommendations to the Mayor and Council concerning bids for public contracts.
* Supervises the lighting, sprinkling and cleaning of public streets and places.
* Functions as Building Inspector of the Municipality and charged with the duty of issuing building permits and enforcing the zoning and building code regulations of the Municipality.
* Functions as the purchasing agent for the Village and has such powers and duties in connection therewith as prescribed by Council.
* Has such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by ordinance of Council.