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Utilities Committee

The Utilities Committee makes recommendations to Council about our water and sewer systems and services.  Meetings are held on an as needed basis.

Janis Evans

Council Representative

Julia Lipp

Council Representative

Jim Newell

Council Representative

James Newell serves on the Finance, Safety and Utilities committees and represents Council on the Parking Commission.

Minutes Archive

2017-08-23 Utilities Minutes0.2 MiB525
2017-07-24 Utilities Minutes55 KiB353
2017-07-24 Utilities Minutes55 KiB280
2016-06-13 Utilities Minutes21 KiB564
2016-05-23 Utilities Minutes15 KiB482
2015-11-09 Utilities Minutes14 KiB665
2015-10-12 Utilities Minutes15 KiB709
2015-03-23 Utilities Minutes12 KiB667
2014-10-27 Utilities Minutes16 KiB703
2013-10-28 Utilities Minutes16 KiB658
2013-10-14 Utilities Minutes16 KiB645
2013-08-26 Utilities Minutes9 KiB658
2013-03-25 Utilities Minutes6 KiB661
2013-01-14 Utilities Committee Minutes0.2 MiB642
2012 Utilities Committee Minutes0.7 MiB606
2011 Utility Committee Minutes0.5 MiB632

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