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Angela DeBernardo » Streets and Sidewalks

The Streets and Sidewalks committee makes recommendations to Council on items related to our streets and sidewalks.  Meetings are held on an as needed basis.

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Angela DeBernardo

President Pro-Tem
Cell Phone: 440-991-6488 Home Phone: 440-247-3603 (machine)


Angela DeBernardo serves on the Administration & Compensation and  Streets & Sidewalks committees as well as representing Council on the Arts and Shade Tree commissions.

Minutes Archive

2021-07-26 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes0.8 MiB41
2021-06-29 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes0.5 MiB23
2021-06-28 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes28 KiB18
2021-05-10 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes0.1 MiB15
2021-05-05 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes3.2 MiB30
2021-04-12 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes7 KiB23
2021-03-22 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes0.5 MiB23
2020-06-08 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes8 KiB260
2018-02-26 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes0.5 MiB922
2017-07-24 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes63 KiB937
2017-07-24 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes63 KiB745
2017-03-27 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes54 KiB1048
2017-02-16 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes92 KiB967
2015-06-22 Streets & Sidewalks Committee Minutes21 KiB1265
2014-08-25 Streets & Sidewalks Committee Minutes23 KiB1058
2014-04-28 Streets & Sidewalks Committee Minutes17 KiB1035
2014-03-06 Streets & Sidewalks Committee Minutes22 KiB1084
2013-06-24 Streets & Sidewalks Committee Minutes13 KiB1083
2013-02-11 Streets & Sidewalks Committee Minutes82 KiB1006
2012 Streets & Sidewalks Committee Minutes0.3 MiB1146
2011-2 Streets & Sidewalk Comm Minutes0.3 MiB1175
2011-1 Streets & Sidewalks Committee Minutes2.0 MiB1006