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Shade Tree Commission


Shade Tree Commission meetings are held in Village Hall on the second Thursday of each month, from 8:30 – 9:30 am.  In some cases, meetings may be rescheduled.  Please consult the village meeting calendar to be certain of meeting time and date.



Terry Rounds, Chairman 440-247-1933
Gary Nelson 440-247-5044
Edward Wells 440-247-4292
Robert Weitzel 440-247-2122
Stuart Lipp 440-289-4334
Michael McGuire 440-785-9411
Ben Himes 440-759-0653
Angela DeBernardo, Council Representative 440-247-3603

Minutes Archive

2019-03-14 Shade Tree Minutes49 KiB53
2019-01-24 Shade Tree Commission Minutes27 KiB92
2018-12-11 Shade Tree Commission Minutes43 KiB152
2018-11-1 Shade Tree Commission Minutes47 KiB178
2018-10-11 Shade Tree Commission Minutes44 KiB206
2018-09-06 Shade Tree Commission Minutes36 KiB205
2018-08-09 Shade Tree Minutes56 KiB195
2018-07-12 SHADE TREE MINUTES54 KiB202
2018-04-04 Shade Tree Commission30 KiB247
2018-03-07 Shade Tree Minutes35 KiB258
2018-01-31 Shade Tree Minutes58 KiB221
2018-01-11 Shade Tree Minutes34 KiB228
2017-11-09 Shade Tree Minutes45 KiB219
2017-05-11 Shade Tree Minutes47 KiB329
2017-05-11 Shade Tree Minutes47 KiB264
2017-05-11 Shade Tree Minutes47 KiB286
2017-01-12-Shade-Tree-Minutes32 KiB267
2017-01-12 Shade Tree Minutes32 KiB315
2017-01-12 Shade Tree Minutes32 KiB270
2015-12-03 Shade Tree Commission Minutes30 KiB515
2015-11-04 Shade Tree Commission Minutes29 KiB484
2015-10-01 Shade Tree Minutes29 KiB476
2015-08-06 Shade Tree Commission Minutes32 KiB473
2012 Shade Tree Commission Minutes23 KiB488

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