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Andrew Rockey » Safety Committee

The Safety Committee makes recommendations to Council on issues concerning the Safety Forces and other issues that affect the safety of Chagrin Falls.  Meetings are held on an as needed basis.

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Andrew Rockey

Council Representative


Andrew Rockey serves on the Safety and Utilities Committees and also represents Council on the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Minutes Archive

2021-02-09 Safety Committee Minutes6 KiB117
2020-08-10 Safety Committee Minutes6 KiB211
2020-07-13 Safety Committee Minutes14 KiB202
2020-01-27 Safety Minutes10 KiB260
2020-01-20 Safety Minutes10 KiB254
2015-09-14 Safety Minutes15 KiB1127
2015-01-26 Safety Minutes17 KiB1019
2014-04-28 Safety Minutes13 KiB1191
2013-12-12 Safety Minutes12 KiB998
2013-11-05 Safety Committee Minutes23 KiB987
2013-01-14 Safety Committee Minutes32 KiB1186
2012 Safety Committee Minutes0.6 MiB959
2011 Safety Committee Minutes1.5 MiB987