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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee makes recommendations to Council on the budget and other financial matters.  Meetings are held on an as needed basis.

Erinn Grube


Erinn Grube serves on the Finance and Facilities committees and represents Council on the Cemetery Commission.

Jim Newell

Council Representative

James Newell serves on the Finance, Streets and Sidewalks and Utilities committees and represents Council on the Parking Commission.

Darren Wyville

Council Representative

Darren Wyville serves on the Administration and Compensation, Utilities and Finance committees.

Latest Agenda

2021-01-21 Finance Agenda

Minutes Archive

2020-08-24 Finance Minutes10 KiB90
2020-07-27 Finance Minutes0.2 MiB99
2020-06-30 Finance Minutes92 KiB99
2020-05-20 Finance Minutes6 KiB109
2020-01-27 Finance Minutes32 KiB174
2017-01-23 Finance Minutes0.2 MiB691
2017-01-23 Finance Minutes0.2 MiB665
2013-04-22 Finance Committee Minutes5 KiB935
2012 Finance Committee Minutes0.3 MiB896
2011-2 Finance Committee Minutes42 KiB877
2011-1 Finance Committee42 KiB872