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Board of Zoning Appeals


The Board of Zoning Appeals meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 8:00 pm in the Council Chambers at the Village Hall when agenda items have been presented.

Questions may be directed to Rob Jamieson, Chief Administrative Officer at (440) 247-5050 or

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Latest Board of Zoning Appeals Agenda

2019-05-28 BZA Agenda

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Board Members

Jim Holdren 440-247-3326
Lisa R. Kramer 440-247-6802
Wade Fricke 440-247-3240
Rachel Freshman-Johnson 216-577-1600
Karl Maersch (Council Representative) 440-468-9130


Minutes Archive

2019-02-26 BZA Minutes0.3 MiB16
2019-01-22 BZA Minutes0.3 MiB5
2018-12-18 BZA Minutes1.2 MiB6
2018-11-15 BZA Minutes1.6 MiB11
2018-09-26 BZA Minutes0.7 MiB228
2018-08-28 BZA Minutes1.9 MiB196
2018-07-24 BZA Minutes0.6 MiB163
2018-04-24 BZA Minutes1.0 MiB154
2018-03-21 BZA Minutes61 KiB266
2018-02-27 BZA Minutes1.0 MiB269
2017-11-28 BZA Minutes0.9 MiB269
2017-10-24 BZA Minutes1.4 MiB258
2017-09-26 BZA Minutes85 KiB376
2017-09-26 BZA Minutes85 KiB252
2017-05-23 BZA Minutes0.3 MiB311
2017-05-09 BZA Minutes0.7 MiB368
2016-11-07 BZA Minutes40 KiB394
2016-08-23 BZA Minutes97 KiB440
2016-04-26-BZA-Minutes0.1 MiB409
2016-04-26 BZA Minutes0.1 MiB454
2015-11-24 BZA Minutes39 KiB548
2015-10-27 BZA Minutes42 KiB495
2015-09-22 BZA Minutes56 KiB511
2015-08-25 BZA Minutes28 KiB498
2015-07-28 BZA Minutes75 KiB522
2015-04-28 BZA Minutes28 KiB501
2014-12-02 BZA Minutes0.1 MiB489
2014-09-23 BZA Minutes36 KiB492
2014-05-27 BZA Minutes56 KiB580
2014-04-22 BZA Minutes31 KiB502
2014-01-28 BZA Minutes52 KiB521
2014-01-07 BZA Minutes15 KiB481
2013-11-26 BZA Minutes0.1 MiB522
2013-10-08 BZA Minutes55 KiB504
2013-09-24 BZA Minutes87 KiB526
2013-05-28 BZA Minutes17 KiB520
2013-04-02 BZA Minutes30 KiB495
2013-02-26-BZA Minutes1.0 MiB514
2013-01-22-BZA-Minutes0.6 MiB523
2012 BZA Minutes(2)1.2 MiB511
2012 BZA Minutes(1)2.2 MiB519
2011 BZA Minutes (1)1.7 MiB501

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