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Administration and Compensation

The Administration and Compensation committee makes recommendations to Council on staffing, benefits and salaries. It meets on an as needed basis.

Angela DeBernardo

President Pro-Tem

Angela DeBernardo serves on the Administration & Compensation and  Streets & Sidewalks committees as well as representing Council on the Arts and Shade Tree commissions.

Janis Evans

Council Representative

Janis Evans serves on the Streets & Sidewalks,  Utilities and Administration & Compensation committees.

Darren Wyville

Council Representative

Darren Wyville serves on the Administration and Compensation, Utilities and Finance committees.

Minutes Archive

2020-05-28 Admin & Comp Minutes6 KiB125
2019-03-25 AAC Minutes40 KiB358
2018-02-21 AAC Minutes0.4 MiB686
2017-09-11 Admin And Comp Minutes66 KiB791
2017-05-08 Administration And Compensation Minutes38 KiB671
2016-09-06 ARB Minutes0.3 MiB770
2015-10-26 Admin & Comp Minutes14 KiB882
2015-10-12 Admin & Comp Minutes18 KiB863
2015-07-13 Admin & Comp Minutes15 KiB862
2015-03-09 Admin & Comp Minutes16 KiB859
2015-01-26 Admin & Comp Minutes16 KiB836
2014-12-08 Admin & Comp Minutes14 KiB898
2014-10-31 Admin & Comp Minutes14 KiB863
2014-10-27 Admin & Comp Minutes13 KiB866
2014-01-13 Admin & Comp Minutes16 KiB863
2013-11-25 Admin & Comp Minutes12 KiB805
2013-09-23 Admin & Comp Minutes5 KiB854
2013-05-13 Admin & Comp Minutes6 KiB1042
2012 Admin & Comp Minutes0.1 MiB990
2011 Admin & Comp Minutes0.6 MiB861