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All Minutes and Agendas

Draft minutes for Council Meetings are generally posted within a week of the meeting.  These draft copies are replaced with official Signed Minutes after Council has reviewed and approved them in a subsequent meeting.

Minutes for all other public meetings are posted after they have been approved.  For some committees that meet monthly or on an as-needed basis, this may result in a considerable delay

Agendas for Monday evening Council Meetings are generally posted on Friday afternoons.  The Council Agenda appear in the table below as well as in the online calendar.  

Meeting Type (click for full archive) Agendas Minutes
Village Council

2020-03-31 Council Agenda COMBINED

2020-02-10 Council Minutes

Committee (click for full archive) Latest Agenda Latest Minutes
Administration and Compensation

2019-11-11 Admin & Comp Agenda

2019-03-25 AAC Minutes

Architectural Board of Review

2020-03-17 ABR Agenda -CANCELLED

2020-02-18 ABR Minutes

Arts Commission

2019-05-20 Arts Commission Agenda

2015-10-12 Arts Minutes

Board of Zoning Appeals

2020-03-24 BZA Agenda Cancelation

2020-02-25 BZA Minutes

Committee of the Whole

2020-03-05 COTW Agenda

2019-10-10 COTW Minutes SCAN

Communications Committee

2020-02-05 Communications Minutes

Facilities & Services

2019-05-13 Facilities Agenda

2017-02-28 Facilities & Services Minutes

Finance Committee

2020-01-27 Finanace Agenda

2020-01-27 Finance Minutes

Parking Commission

2019-01-15 Parking Commission Agenda

2015-10-20 Parking Minutes

Parks Commission

2020-02-25 Parks Agenda

2020-02-25 Parks Commission MInutes

Planning and Zoning

2020-02-20 PNZ Agenda

2020-02-20 PZC Minutes SCAN

Safety Committee

2020-01-27 Safety Agenda

2020-01-27 Safety Minutes

Shade Tree Commission

2020-03-05 Shade Tree Agenda

2020-02-13 Shade Tree Minutes

Streets and Sidewalks

2019-04-30 SAS

2018-02-26 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes

Utility Committee

2020-03-09 Utilities Agenda

2020-03-09 Utilities Minutes