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Meeting agendas are posted a minimum of 24 hours prior to a scheduled meeting.  Meeting minutes are posted after they have been approved at a subsequent meeting.  For some committees that meet monthly or on an as-needed basis, this may result in a logistical delay.

As of July 1, 2021, all public meetings will resume in-person in council chambers at Village Hall, 21 West Washington Street.

Meeting Type (click for full archive) Agendas Minutes
Village Council

2021-09-27 Council Agenda PACKET

2021-08-23 Council Minutes ROP

Committee (click for full archive) Latest Agenda Latest Minutes
Administration and Compensation

2021-02-22 Admin & Comp Agenda

2021-02-04 Admin & Comp Minutes

Architectural Board of Review

2021-09-21 ABR Agenda

2021-08-17 ABR Minutes

Arts Commission

2021-09-21 Arts Agenda

2021-07-14 Arts Minutes

Board of Zoning Appeals

2021-09-28 BZA Agenda

2020-09-15 BZA Minutes

Committee of the Whole

2021-04-21 COTW Agenda PACKET2

2021-04-21 COTW Minutes

Facilities & Services

2021-09-27 Facilities & Services Agenda

2021-08-13 Facilities & Services Minutes

Finance Committee

2021-08-23 Finance Agenda PACKET

2021-06-23 Finance Minutes

Parking Commission

2019-01-15 Parking Commission Agenda

2015-10-20 Parking Minutes

Parks Commission

2021-09-01 Parks Agenda PACKET

2021-08-04 Parks Minutes

Planning and Zoning

2021-09-20 P&Z Agenda PACKET

2020-08-17 P&Z Minutes

Safety Committee

2021-09-13 Safety Agenda

2021-02-09 Safety Committee Minutes

Shade Tree Commission

2021-09-08 Shade Tree Agenda

2021-09-08 Shade Tree Minutes

Streets and Sidewalks

2021-08-23 Streets And Sidewalks Agenda PACKET

2021-07-26 Streets And Sidewalks Minutes

Utility Committee

2020-03-09 Utilities Agenda

2020-03-09 Utilities Minutes