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Signed Legislation

Below is the signed legislation for the Village of Chagrin Falls from 2011 until present.  Legislation is organized by type and date; resolutions listed first, followed by ordinances and administrative orders. You may select how many files to display on each page and use the page navigation to move between pages.  Clicking on the names will download a pdf version of the legislation to your computer.

This list is searchable.

Resolution No 2018-580.1 MiB650
Resolution No 2017-680.2 MiB713
Resolution No 2020-52 Extend Electronic Public Meetings SIGNED0.1 MiB169
Resolution No 2020-51 Authorizing The Mayor To Submit Apps To OPWC WWTP-MapleSt SIGNED0.1 MiB174
Resolution No 2020-43 Recognizing Stormwater Awareness Week SIGNED84 KiB177
Resolution No 2020-42 Supporting State And US Bike Routes SIGNED86 KiB175
Resolution No 2020-37 Budget Commission Tax Rate With Attachment SIGNED0.2 MiB190
Resolution No 2020-26 Altrenative Tax Budget 2021 COMBINED SIGNED0.6 MiB207
Resolution No 2020-25 CARES Act SIGNED78 KiB201
Resolution No 2020-24 Authorizing The Mayor To Apply For WPCLF Construction Loan - WWTP Phase 1.2 SIGNED60 KiB207
Resolution No 2020-22 Authorizing Engineer For Bids For Improvements On Bell Street SIGNED69 KiB218
Resolution No 2020-18 BPV Reimbursement Application SIGNED70 KiB216
Resolution No 2020-16 One Ohio SIGNED67 KiB230
Resolution No 2020-07 - WPCLF Design Loan Application - Phase 2 WWTP Improvements.2hl SIGNED0.4 MiB209
Resolution No 2020-06 - WPCLF Construction Loan Application - SSO Elimination (Inflow Infiltration).2 SIGNED0.4 MiB209
Resolution No 2020-03 (Communications Committee) SIGNED0.3 MiB208
Resolution No 2019-480.2 MiB411
Resolution No 2019-480.2 MiB387
Resolution No 2019-470.3 MiB399
Resolution No 2019-470.3 MiB388
Resolution No 2019-420.5 MiB404
Resolution No 2019-410.2 MiB409
Resolution No 2019-370.2 MiB405
Resolution No 2019-190.2 MiB483
Resolution No 2019-180.1 MiB481
Resolution No 2019-170.2 MiB461
Resolution No 2019-160.2 MiB479
Resolution No 2019-030.4 MiB496
Resolution No 2019-020.2 MiB517
Resolution No 2018-650.2 MiB611
Resolution No 2018-640.3 MiB618
Resolution No 2018-500.1 MiB627
Resolution No 2018-490.1 MiB628
Resolution No 2018-480.1 MiB640
Resolution No 2018-470.2 MiB626
Resolution No 2018-160.1 MiB747
Resolution No 2018-150.1 MiB689
Resolution No 2018-070.2 MiB658
Resolution No 2018-060.4 MiB661
Resolution No 2018-010.1 MiB642
Resolution No 2017-610.3 MiB695
Resolution No 2017-600.1 MiB704
Resolution No 2017-570.1 MiB696
Resolution No 2017-510.1 MiB652
Resolution No 2017-500.7 MiB644
Resolution No 2017-490.1 MiB635
Resolution No 2017-400.7 MiB672
Resolution No 2017-400.7 MiB625
Resolution No 2017-370.1 MiB736
Resolution No 2017-370.1 MiB627
Resolution No 2017-300.1 MiB686
Resolution No 2017-290.1 MiB661
Resolution No 2017-250.1 MiB680
Resolution No 2017-160.2 MiB713
Resolution No 2017-020.1 MiB738
Resolution No 2016-460.1 MiB734
Resolution No 2016-450.1 MiB720
Resolution No 2016-300.1 MiB787
Resolution No 2016-28 Final0.5 MiB804
Resolution No 2016-250.1 MiB783
Resolution No 2015-340.1 MiB934
Resolution No 2015-300.2 MiB939
Resolution No 2015-020.3 MiB928
Resolution No 2014-410.4 MiB938
Resolution No 2014-380.3 MiB917
Resolution No 2013-700.3 MiB910
Resolution No 2013-510.1 MiB920
Resolution No 2013-450.3 MiB934
Resolution No 2013-3890 KiB909
Resolution No 2013-330.3 MiB916
Resolution No 2013-3074 KiB910
Resolution No 2013-230.2 MiB931
Resolution No 2012-570.2 MiB932
Resolution No 2012-4959 KiB928
Resolution No 2012-4362 KiB935
Resolution No 2012-320.4 MiB906
Resolution No 2012-250.3 MiB922
Resolution No 2012-1869 KiB924
Resolution No 2012-1780 KiB949
Resolution No 2012-0878 KiB940
Resolution No 2012-0760 KiB1024
Resolution No 2011-5965 KiB952
Resolution No 2011-5760 KiB904
Resolution No 2011-4856 KiB940
Resolution No 2011-4758 KiB1030
Resolution No 2011-4566 KiB943
Resolution No 2011-430.1 MiB954
Resolution No 2011-420.3 MiB954
Resolution No 2011-3672 KiB959
Resolution No 2011-3376 KiB932
Resolution No 2011-2563 KiB1086
Resolution No 2011-240.3 MiB965
Resolution No 2020-05 - WSRLA Construction Loan - East Washington Street Waterline.2 SIGNED0.5 MiB204
Resolultion No 2019-610.5 MiB346
Parking Application Updated 5.11.21 (FORM)0.4 MiB99
Ordinance No.2018-600.2 MiB640
Ordinance No 2019-121.1 MiB425
Ordinance No 2020-58 Establishing Social Media And Fraud Reporting With Exihbits A And B SIGNED0.4 MiB136
Ordinance No 2020-57 Amending Employee Policy And Procedure Manual Employment Classification SIGNED0.1 MiB146
Ordinance No 2020-56 Codified Ordiances Revision SIGNED0.1 MiB142
Ordinance No 2020-55 Final Appropriations SIGNED0.1 MiB149
Ordinance No 2020-54 Health Care Insurance With Exhibits AB SIGNED0.3 MiB136
Ordinance No 2020-53 Position Classification And Salary Schedule SIGNED0.1 MiB144
Ordinance No 2020-50 Adopting Credit Card Payment Data Secuirty SIGNED0.1 MiB165
Ordinance No 2020-49 CARES Act District Donation W Exhibits SIGNED3.1 MiB189
Ordinance No 2020-48 Temporary Appropriations SIGNED78 KiB166
Ordinance No 2020-47 Fiscal Officer Advance Taxes SIGNED76 KiB168
Ordinance No 2020-46 Amending Ordinance 2020-36 Vicious Dogs SIGNED0.1 MiB172
Ordinance No 2020-45 Taxicab Franchise To Kellie Rettinger-Whispery Pines SIGNED - Wo ID0.8 MiB164
Ordinance No 2020-44 Amendment To SET Contract - Change 1 SIGNED ORD ONLY0.1 MiB176
Ordinance No 2020-41 Accept NEC Grant SIGNED0.2 MiB177
Ordinance No 2020-40 Amending Rules And Regulations For Cemeteries SIGNED2.7 MiB181
Ordinance No 2020-39 Amending Ordinance 2020-20 And 2020-35 - Outdoor Seating SIGNED0.1 MiB182
Ordinance No 2020-38 Administratie Appeals For Aggrieved Persons - Building Code SIGNED0.1 MiB176
Ordinance No 2020-36 Definition Of Dangerous And Vicious Dogs.2 SIGNED0.1 MiB182
Ordinance No 2020-35 Amending Ordinance 2020-20 PZ Code SIGNED76 KiB188
Ordinance No 2020-34 Agreement With Workman Industrial Services WWTP Improvements SIGNED1.9 MiB212
Ordinance No 2020-33 Agreemet With Burton Scott 2020 Road Program SIGNED0.2 MiB202
Ordinance No 2020-32 Donation Agreement With WRLC SIGNED0.1 MiB194
Ordinance No 2020-31 Delta Dental Contract Authorization SIGNED86 KiB187
Ordinance No 2020-30 Master Cooperation Agreement For Prev Maint Srvc SIGNEDwithEXHIBIT0.2 MiB198
Ordinance No 2020-29 No Stopping Zone Bell Street SIGNED22 KiB190
Ordinance No 2020-28 Repealing 951.01 Overnight Use Of Public Property SIGNED82 KiB367
Ordinance No 2020-27 Enter Into A Competitive Retail Electric Service Contract With NextEra Energy COMBINED SIGNED1.4 MiB207
Ordinance No 2020-21 Authorize Mayor To Enter Into Agreement With Geauga County SIGNED0.1 MiB202
Ordinance No 2020-20 Not To Enforce 1137.05 A1 And 1138.05a2 SIGNED83 KiB199
Ordinance No 2020-19 Coronavirus Relief Fund SIGNED70 KiB222
Ordinance No 2020-17 Codified Ordinances Revision SIGNED18 KiB210
Ordinance No 2020-14 ODOT Road Salt Contract With Exhibit SIGNED20.6 MiB228
Ordinance No 2020-13 (SSO Elimination And E Washington Street Bid Acceptance) SIGNED0.5 MiB205
Ordinance No 2020-12 BMV Agreement Authorization SIGNED0.3 MiB202
Ordinance No 2020-11 2020 Budget Expenses SIGNED92 KiB227
Ordinance No 2020-11 2020 Budget Expenses SIGNED92 KiB197
Ordinance No 2020-10 Repealing Section 1148.03(c) And Adding 1148.03(d)(3) SIGNED0.3 MiB199
Ordinance No 2020-09 P & Z 1109.04 1125.06 1142.01 1142.02 And 1142.03 TABLED41 KiB225
Ordinance No 2020-08 Amending Section 917.04 (a)(b)(h) Sewer Rates SIGNED0.4 MiB192
Ordinance No 2020-04 (Senior Transportation Center-Ordinance) SIGNED0.3 MiB203
Ordinance No 2020-02 (Bedford Jail Contract) SIGNED BOTH0.8 MiB205
Ordinance No 2020-01 (Salary) SIGNED0.2 MiB197
Ordinance No 2019-691.0 MiB348
Ordinance No 2019-670.2 MiB333
Ordinance No 2019-660.3 MiB331
Ordinance No 2019-650.2 MiB328
Ordinance No 2019-640.4 MiB351
Ordinance No 2019-630.7 MiB350
Ordinance No 2019-620.1 MiB349
Ordinance No 2019-600.4 MiB348
Ordinance No 2019-590.4 MiB326
Ordinance No 2019-580.2 MiB349
Ordinance No 2019-560.3 MiB378
Ordinance No 2019-560.3 MiB340
Ordinance No 2019-550.6 MiB358
Ordinance No 2019-540.2 MiB356
Ordinance No 2019-530.3 MiB346
Ordinance No 2019-520.3 MiB350
Ordinance No 2019-510.2 MiB350
Ordinance No 2019-500.2 MiB370
Ordinance No 2019-490.3 MiB384
Ordinance No 2019-460.3 MiB399
Ordinance No 2019-450.7 MiB405
Ordinance No 2019-440.6 MiB408
Ordinance No 2019-430.4 MiB398
Ordinance No 2019-400.5 MiB403
Ordinance No 2019-390.3 MiB401
Ordinance No 2019-380.3 MiB399
Ordinance No 2019-360.2 MiB405
Ordinance No 2019-350.7 MiB553
Ordinance No 2019-340.4 MiB409
Ordinance No 2019-330.4 MiB409
Ordinance No 2019-320.9 MiB427
Ordinance No 2019-310.4 MiB424
Ordinance No 2019-300.2 MiB428
Ordinance No 2019-290.5 MiB429
Ordinance No 2019-280.1 MiB412
Ordinance No 2019-270.3 MiB414
Ordinance No 2019-260.3 MiB426
Ordinance No 2019-250.5 MiB412
Ordinance No 2019-240.3 MiB422
Ordinance No 2019-230.4 MiB462
Ordinance No 2019-220.2 MiB436
Ordinance No 2019-210.3 MiB456
Ordinance No 2019-200.2 MiB431
Ordinance No 2019-15 Amended0.2 MiB418
Ordinance No 2019-131.1 MiB471
Ordinance No 2019-110.3 MiB505
Ordinance No 2019-102.5 MiB575
Ordinance No 2019-091.7 MiB575
Ordinance No 2019-083.8 MiB526
Ordinance No 2019-070.1 MiB583
Ordinance No 2019-050.5 MiB416
Ordinance No 2019-040.2 MiB505
Ordinance No 2019-011.6 MiB514
Ordinance No 2018-841.1 MiB580
Ordinance No 2018-830.4 MiB494
Ordinance No 2018-823.6 MiB514
Ordinance No 2018-810.6 MiB593
Ordinance No 2018-800.4 MiB549
Ordinance No 2018-790.3 MiB561
Ordinance No 2018-780.2 MiB546
Ordinance No 2018-770.3 MiB567
Ordinance No 2018-760.2 MiB553
Ordinance No 2018-740.6 MiB542
Ordinance No 2018-720.8 MiB691
Ordinance No 2018-710.2 MiB561
Ordinance No 2018-700.2 MiB585
Ordinance No 2018-690.3 MiB589
Ordinance No 2018-680.1 MiB591
Ordinance No 2018-670.3 MiB648
Ordinance No 2018-660.1 MiB621
Ordinance No 2018-620.2 MiB634
Ordinance No 2018-610.3 MiB608
Ordinance No 2018-571.6 MiB920
Ordinance No 2018-560.5 MiB631
Ordinance No 2018-550.4 MiB533
Ordinance No 2018-540.3 MiB660
Ordinance No 2018-530.6 MiB597
Ordinance No 2018-521.0 MiB682
Ordinance No 2018-510.8 MiB623
Ordinance No 2018-460.1 MiB649
Ordinance No 2018-440.1 MiB611
Ordinance No 2018-420.2 MiB642
Ordinance No 2018-400.5 MiB659
Ordinance No 2018-370.9 MiB682
Ordinance No 2018-301.3 MiB698
Ordinance No 2018-280.4 MiB684
Ordinance No 2018-270.5 MiB651
Ordinance No 2018-230.5 MiB630
Ordinance No 2018-170.1 MiB632
Ordinance No 2018-140.4 MiB630
Ordinance No 2018-130.6 MiB656
Ordinance No 2018-120.2 MiB689
Ordinance No 2018-110.1 MiB660
Ordinance No 2018-100.6 MiB652
Ordinance No 2018-090.3 MiB644
Ordinance No 2018-080.4 MiB650
Ordinance No 2018-050.2 MiB661
Ordinance No 2018-040.6 MiB876
Ordinance No 2018-030.2 MiB642
Ordinance No 2018-020.3 MiB1223
Ordinance No 2017-800.2 MiB638
Ordinance No 2017-790.7 MiB655
Ordinance No 2017-760.4 MiB630
Ordinance No 2017-750.3 MiB628
Ordinance No 2017-740.5 MiB624
Ordinance No 2017-731.0 MiB712
Ordinance No 2017-640.7 MiB658
Ordinance No 2017-620.2 MiB627
Ordinance No 2017-590.2 MiB695
Ordinance No 2017-580.2 MiB702
Ordinance No 2017-560.1 MiB701
Ordinance No 2017-550.1 MiB668
Ordinance No 2017-540.3 MiB737
Ordinance No 2017-530.2 MiB684
Ordinance No 2017-520.9 MiB664
Ordinance No 2017-480.9 MiB694
Ordinance No 2017-460.5 MiB661
Ordinance No 2017-450.6 MiB656
Ordinance No 2017-44 (1)1.2 MiB655
Ordinance No 2017-441.2 MiB683
Ordinance No 2017-431.4 MiB675
Ordinance No 2017-420.4 MiB691
Ordinance No 2017-420.4 MiB632
Ordinance No 2017-412.1 MiB663
Ordinance No 2017-390.1 MiB695
Ordinance No 2017-390.1 MiB609
Ordinance No 2017-353.3 MiB709
Ordinance No 2017-34 (Amended)0.3 MiB710
Ordinance No 2017-332.8 MiB994
Ordinance No 2017-320.7 MiB745
Ordinance No 2017-310.9 MiB702
Ordinance No 2017-280.9 MiB699
Ordinance No 2017-27 (1)0.2 MiB669
Ordinance No 2017-270.2 MiB676
Ordinance No 2017-261.1 MiB723
Ordinance No 2017-230.2 MiB715
Ordinance No 2017-220.2 MiB706
Ordinance No 2017-193.8 MiB801
Ordinance No 2017-150.4 MiB772
Ordinance No 2017-10 -(Tabled)0.5 MiB719
Ordinance No 2017-030.5 MiB765
Ordinance No 2017-010.2 MiB711
Ordinance No 2017- 156.0 MiB855
Ordinance No 2016-760.1 MiB690
Ordinance No 2016-750.2 MiB634
Ordinance No 2016-740.2 MiB793
Ordinance No 2016-730.2 MiB685
Ordinance No 2016-700.1 MiB719
Ordinance No 2016-670.6 MiB768
Ordinance No 2016-661.6 MiB719
Ordinance No 2016-650.6 MiB731
Ordinance No 2016-590.5 MiB720
Ordinance No 2016-440.4 MiB752
Ordinance No 2016-43 (1)0.2 MiB693
Ordinance No 2016-430.2 MiB702
Ordinance No 2016-290.3 MiB794
Ordinance No 2016-270.1 MiB806
Ordinance No 2016-260.1 MiB743
Ordinance No 2016-240.6 MiB725
Ordinance No 2016-210.1 MiB726
Ordinance No 2016-200.1 MiB728
Ordinance No 2016-19 Complete2.5 MiB815
Ordinance No 2016-120.5 MiB1019
Ordinance No 2016-110.3 MiB759
Ordinance No 2016-090.2 MiB746
Ordinance No 2016-030.4 MiB966
Ordinance No 2016-020.2 MiB909
Ordinance No 2016-010.4 MiB886
Ordinance No 2015-550.5 MiB896
Ordinance No 2015-540.2 MiB893
Ordinance No 2015-530.2 MiB920
Ordinance No 2015-520.4 MiB915
Ordinance No 2015-510.1 MiB935
Ordinance No 2015-500.1 MiB942
Ordinance No 2015-490.3 MiB917
Ordinance No 2015-480.2 MiB903
Ordinance No 2015-460.2 MiB912
Ordinance No 2015-450.1 MiB941
Ordinance No 2015-430.2 MiB902
Ordinance No 2015-420.2 MiB944
Ordinance No 2015-410.2 MiB922
Ordinance No 2015-400.4 MiB932
Ordinance No 2015-393.3 MiB925
Ordinance No 2015-380.2 MiB941
Ordinance No 2015-370.1 MiB920
Ordinance No 2015-310.1 MiB910
Ordinance No 2015-1797 KiB948
Ordinance No 2015-1464 KiB900
Ordinance No 2015-130.2 MiB929
Ordinance No 2015-1022 KiB1084
Ordinance No 2015-050.2 MiB927
Ordinance No 2015-0168 KiB936
Ordinance No 2014-8491 KiB934
Ordinance No 2014-650.2 MiB919
Ordinance No 2014-6262 KiB941
Ordinance No 2014-6075 KiB933
Ordinance No 2014-590.1 MiB934
Ordinance No 2014-5870 KiB916
Ordinance No 2014-570.2 MiB933
Ordinance No 2014-5667 KiB971
Ordinance No 2014-550.1 MiB920
Ordinance No 2014-5474 KiB941
Ordinance No 2014-530.1 MiB927
Ordinance No 2014-520.1 MiB962
Ordinance No 2014-510.2 MiB891
Ordinance No 2014-500.6 MiB891
Ordinance No 2014-420.3 MiB944
Ordinance No 2014-4074 KiB916
Ordinance No 2014-390.1 MiB936
Ordinance No 2014-370.1 MiB930
Ordinance No 2014-3548 KiB920
Ordinance No 2014-3480 KiB897
Ordinance No 2014-3373 KiB905
Ordinance No 2014-290.7 MiB937
Ordinance No 2014-280.2 MiB910
Ordinance No 2014-270.1 MiB916
Ordinance No 2014-250.5 MiB915
Ordinance No 2014-2374 KiB909
Ordinance No 2014-210.4 MiB922
Ordinance No 2014-200.2 MiB922
Ordinance No 2014-1985 KiB926
Ordinance No 2014-180.2 MiB977
Ordinance No 2014-1790 KiB930
Ordinance No 2014-160.1 MiB907
Ordinance No 2014-150.1 MiB907
Ordinance No 2014-0976 KiB919
Ordinance No 2014-0872 KiB924
Ordinance No 2013-7662 KiB943
Ordinance No 2013-750.3 MiB942
Ordinance No 2013-730.3 MiB920
Ordinance No 2013-7241 KiB915
Ordinance No 2013-7166 KiB906
Ordinance No 2013-6865 KiB936
Ordinance No 2013-670.2 MiB950
Ordinance No 2013-660.3 MiB897
Ordinance No 2013-6588 KiB912
Ordinance No 2013-610.2 MiB906
Ordinance No 2013-600.2 MiB1056
Ordinance No 2013-5941 KiB943
Ordinance No 2013-530.2 MiB922
Ordinance No 2013-520.3 MiB913
Ordinance No 2013-500.4 MiB927
Ordinance No 2013-490.1 MiB905
Ordinance No 2013-4671 KiB902
Ordinance No 2013-3964 KiB903
Ordinance No 2013-370.1 MiB912
Ordinance No 2013-360.2 MiB895
Ordinance No 2013-350.2 MiB929
Ordinance No 2013-340.1 MiB910
Ordinance No 2013-2840 KiB912
Ordinance No 2013-2586 KiB923
Ordinance No 2013-2461 KiB913
Ordinance No 2013-220.1 MiB931
Ordinance No 2013-170.3 MiB975
Ordinance No 2013-140.2 MiB922
Ordinance No 2013-1394 KiB917
Ordinance No 2013-1264 KiB915
Ordinance No 2013-110.8 MiB931
Ordinance No 2013-100.1 MiB912
Ordinance No 2013-090.1 MiB921
Ordinance No 2013-080.3 MiB939
Ordinance No 2013-070.1 MiB932
Ordinance No 2013-060.4 MiB892
Ordinance No 2013-030.3 MiB948
Ordinance No 2013-020.1 MiB910
Ordinance No 2013-010.6 MiB895
Ordinance No 2012-580.2 MiB903
Ordinance No 2012-560.2 MiB921
Ordinance No 2012-550.1 MiB916
Ordinance No 2012-5468 KiB908
Ordinance No 2012-5239 KiB919
Ordinance No 2012-5147 KiB889
Ordinance No 2012-5060 KiB920
Ordinance No 2012-460.2 MiB944
Ordinance No 2012-440.4 MiB924
Ordinance No 2012-4272 KiB920
Ordinance No 2012-390.2 MiB894
Ordinance No 2012-3861 KiB933
Ordinance No 2012-3677 KiB889
Ordinance No 2012-350.2 MiB910
Ordinance No 2012-340.2 MiB928
Ordinance No 2012-3372 KiB927
Ordinance No 2012-310.3 MiB1102
Ordinance No 2012-300.3 MiB919
Ordinance No 2012-2959 KiB1008
Ordinance No 2012-280.1 MiB930
Ordinance No 2012-2776 KiB926
Ordinance No 2012-260.1 MiB906
Ordinance No 2012-240.4 MiB930
Ordinance No 2012-200.2 MiB974
Ordinance No 2012-190.1 MiB924
Ordinance No 2012-1639 KiB905
Ordinance No 2012-150.3 MiB908
Ordinance No 2012-140.2 MiB935
Ordinance No 2012-1368 KiB926
Ordinance No 2012-1261 KiB947
Ordinance No 2012-1172 KiB940
Ordinance No 2012-090.1 MiB933
Ordinance No 2012-0668 KiB914
Ordinance No 2012-0591 KiB904
Ordinance No 2012-040.3 MiB946
Ordinance No 2012-030.1 MiB941
Ordinance No 2012-0271 KiB936
Ordinance No 2012-010.3 MiB919
Ordinance No 2011-790.2 MiB904
Ordinance No 2011-780.2 MiB936
Ordinance No 2011-770.1 MiB924
Ordinance No 2011-760.1 MiB935
Ordinance No 2011-7578 KiB931
Ordinance No 2011-7450 KiB925
Ordinance No 2011-730.1 MiB914
Ordinance No 2011-7267 KiB966
Ordinance No 2011-710.1 MiB921
Ordinance No 2011-680.1 MiB951
Ordinance No 2011-6783 KiB934
Ordinance No 2011-660.2 MiB956
Ordinance No 2011-65 (as Amended)88 KiB899
Ordinance No 2011-640.5 MiB921
Ordinance No 2011-6342 KiB947
Ordinance No 2011-60 (as Amended)0.1 MiB1055
Ordinance No 2011-540.1 MiB926
Ordinance No 2011-530.2 MiB993
Ordinance No 2011-520.4 MiB924
Ordinance No 2011-510.3 MiB905
Ordinance No 2011-500.2 MiB894
Ordinance No 2011-4974 KiB942
Ordinance No 2011-4694 KiB963
Ordinance No 2011-4464 KiB942
Ordinance No 2011-4179 KiB937
Ordinance No 2011-400.3 MiB933
Ordinance No 2011-390.7 MiB941
Ordinance No 2011-380.5 MiB961
Ordinance No 2011-370.1 MiB933
Ordinance No 2011-350.2 MiB963
Ordinance No 2011-340.3 MiB906
Ordinance No 2011-3240 KiB1010
Ordinance No 2011-3192 KiB927
Ordinance No 2011-290.2 MiB932
Ordinance No 2011-280.3 MiB936
Ordinance No 2011-270.2 MiB916
Ordinance No 2011-260.2 MiB953
Ordinance No 2011-2392 KiB937
Ordinance No 2011-22 Amended0.1 MiB931
Ordinance No 2011-2193 KiB927
Ordinance No 2011-200.2 MiB923
Ordinance No 2011-180.1 MiB925
Ordinance No 2011-1462 KiB919
Ordinance No 2011-130.1 MiB937
Ordinance No 2011-120.2 MiB918
Ordinance No 2011-1164 KiB929
Ordinance No 2011-100.1 MiB947
Ordinance No 2011-090.4 MiB934
Ordinance No 2011-080.7 MiB998
Ordinance No 2011-060.1 MiB962
Ordinance No 2011-0582 KiB916
Ordinance No 2011-040.1 MiB952
Ordinance No 2011-030.1 MiB941
Ordinance No 2011-0282 KiB928
Ordinance No 2011-010.2 MiB1076
Ordinance No 2020-15 Amending Ordinance 2019-73 Clean Air Concepts SIGNED1.4 MiB227
Ordinance 2019-57 Firefighters Grant11.3 MiB396
Ordinance 2015-060.1 MiB948
Council Minutes 11-23-150.5 MiB885
Council Minutes 11-14-160.9 MiB712
Council Minutes 11-09-150.3 MiB874
Council Minutes 11-07-16 (Special Meetingl)23 KiB689
Council Minutes 10-24-160.4 MiB704
Administrative Order No.2013-6216 KiB882
Administrative Order No 2014-240.1 MiB955
Administrative Order No 2016-680.2 MiB701
Administrative Order No 2016-330.2 MiB786
Administrative Order No 2016-320.2 MiB792
Administrative Order No 2016-180.2 MiB746
Administrative Order No 2016-170.2 MiB855
Administrative Order No 2016-160.2 MiB748
Administrative Order No 2016-150.2 MiB795
Administrative Order No 2016-140.2 MiB745
Administrative Order No 2015-560.2 MiB882
Administrative Order No 2015-470.2 MiB920
Administrative Order No 2015-360.2 MiB908
Administrative Order No 2015-350.2 MiB891
Administrative Order No 2015-330.2 MiB904
Administrative Order No 2015-280.2 MiB891
Administrative Order No 2015-270.2 MiB904
Administrative Order No 2015-260.2 MiB885
Administrative Order No 2015-160.1 MiB921
Administrative Order No 2014-830.1 MiB905
Administrative Order No 2014-820.2 MiB924
Administrative Order No 2014-670.1 MiB952
Administrative Order No 2014-6695 KiB925
Administrative Order No 2014-490.1 MiB925
Administrative Order No 2014-480.1 MiB902
Administrative Order No 2014-470.1 MiB931
Administrative Order No 2014-460.2 MiB917
Administrative Order No 2014-450.1 MiB906
Administrative Order No 2014-440.1 MiB964
Administrative Order No 2014-430.2 MiB902
Administrative Order No 2013-690.1 MiB919
Administrative Order No 2013-640.1 MiB906
Administrative Order No 2013-480.1 MiB956
Administrative Order No 2013-470.1 MiB905
Administrative Order No 2013-270.1 MiB903
Administrative Order No 2013-2687 KiB950
Administrative Order No 2013-21 V.10.2 MiB901
Administrative Order No 2013-20 V.10.2 MiB896
Administrative Order No 2013-19 V30.2 MiB925
Administrative Order No 2013-050.1 MiB915
Administrative Order No 2013-0492 KiB914
Administrative Order No 2012-590.1 MiB902
Administrative Order No 2012-530.1 MiB904
Administrative Order No 2012-4875 KiB913
Administrative Order No 2012-470.1 MiB915
Administrative Order No 2012-410.1 MiB905
Administrative Order No 2012-370.1 MiB890
Administrative Order No 2012-230.1 MiB903
Administrative Order No 2012-220.1 MiB924
Administrative Order No 2012-210.1 MiB902
Administrative Order No 2011-700.1 MiB899
Administrative Order No 2011-690.1 MiB1092
Administrative Order No 2011-620.1 MiB920
Administrative Order No 2011-610.1 MiB903
Administrative Order No 2011-550.1 MiB899
Administrative Order No 2011-300.1 MiB938
Administrative Order No 2011-170.2 MiB927
Administrative Order No 2011-070.1 MiB948
Administrative Order 2013-740.2 MiB933
ABR APP For Sign Fence Retaining Wall 20200.7 MiB182
2021-64-Ordinance Fiscal Officer Advance Taxes SIGNED92 KiB5
2021-63-Ordinance Position Classification And Salary Schedule SIGNED0.2 MiB5
2021-62-Resolution Authorize Mass Notification System Ready Notify SIGNED0.9 MiB6
2021-61-Resolution Grant Ohio Criminal Justice Services SIGNED93 KiB9
2021-60-Ordinance Limited Hours On Conservation Land SIGNED0.1 MiB13
2021-59-Ordinance Authorizing Amendment To Workman Industrial Services Contract WWTP SIGNED0.3 MiB8
2021-57-Ordinance Amend Traffic Control Map No Parking Low Street SIGNED0.1 MiB9
2021-56-Ordinance Authorizing Contract With Reigelman Play Area At Riverside Park SIGNED1.5 MiB10
2021-55-Ordinance Authorizing Contract With Eclipse Arboretum Trail SIGNED0.2 MiB16
2021-54-Ordinance Authorizing Agreement With Federated Church Of Chagrin Falls SIGNED3.0 MiB12
2021-53-Ordinance Authorizing Contract With S E T Inc For Riverside Park Walking Path SIGNED1.6 MiB11
2021-52-Resolution Budget Commission Tax Rate SIGNED0.1 MiB11
2021-51-Resolution Municipal Funding Plan For Chagrin Valley Fire Department SIGNED92 KiB13
2021-50-Ordinance ODNR Grant Riverside Park Walking Path SIGNED5.9 MiB12
2021-49-Ordinance 2021 Water Street Sewer Contract With S E T Inc SIGNED0.2 MiB18
2021-48-Ordinance 2021 Road Program Agreement With Burton Scot SIGNED0.2 MiB14
2021-47-Ordinance 2021 Historic District Sewers Agreement With United Survey Inc SIGNED0.2 MiB15
2021-46-Resolution Designating JPMorgan Chase Bank As Depository SIGNED0.4 MiB14
2021-45-Ordinance Opioid Settlement LEGISLATION SIGNED0.1 MiB23
2021-44-Ordinance Valley Freightliner Sterling Western Star Contract SIGNED0.4 MiB19
2021-43-Ordinance Equipment Sharing Agreement Between Chagrin Falls And Orange Village SIGNED0.1 MiB24
2021-42-Ordinance Not To Enforce 1137.05 (a)(2) And 1138.05(a)(2) Extention To December 31 2021 SIGNED0.1 MiB10
2021-41-Resolution Depositories For Interim Deposits SIGNED88 KiB16
2021-40-Resolution Depositories For Active Funds SIGNED89 KiB14
2021-39-Resolution Altrenative Tax Budget 2022 SIGNED PACKET0.6 MiB17
2021-39-Resolution Altrenative Tax Budget 2022 SIGNED87 KiB31
2021-38-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Removal Of Councilpersons TABLED78 KiB15
2021-37-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter References Council Meetings Director Of Finance Duties SIGNED0.1 MiB14
2021-36-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter Planning & Zoning Code Andor Map Final SIGNED0.1 MiB26
2021-35-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter Initiative Referendum And Recall Final SIGNED0.1 MiB73
2021-34-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter Conflict Of Interest 6.15.21 TABLED77 KiB15
2021-33-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter CAO May Also Provide Notice 6.15.21 TABLED82 KiB16
2021-32-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter CAO Duties Control Building Dept P&Z Code 6.15.21 TABLED78 KiB16
2021-31-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter Director Of Law 6.15.21 TABLED77 KiB22
2021-30-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter Absence And Vacancy Of Mayor Final SIGNED0.1 MiB18
2021-29-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Council Number And Term Final SIGNED0.1 MiB30
2021-28-Ordinance Mutual Aid Assistance With Exhibit A SIGNED1.5 MiB29
2021-27-Ordinance Delta Dental Contract Renewal SIGNED0.1 MiB27
2021-26-Ordinance Planning Consulting Services With Lindner SIGNED0.6 MiB31
2021-25-Ordinance Donation Agreement With Connor Foundation SIGNED0.1 MiB50
2021-24-Ordinance Amending P & Z Code 1135.02(a)(1)(B) SIGNED91 KiB26
2021-23-Ordinance NOPEC Grant Agreement 2021 SIGNED0.2 MiB54
2021-22-Ordinance Parking Lease With CF Exempted Village Schools SIGNED0.3 MiB48
2021-21-Resolution Advertise For Bids SIGNED0.1 MiB72
2021-20 Amending Planning And Zoning Code Administrative Matters SIGNED0.1 MiB49
2021-19-Ordinance Amending Planning And Zoning Map SIGNED0.5 MiB47
2021-18-Ordinance Enter Into License Agreement With CAA With Exhibt SIGNED0.2 MiB107
2021-17-Ordinance SWC Ban Casa Assignment Lease (02) SECOND AMENDMENT SIGNED0.2 MiB76
2021-16-Ordinance ODOT Road Salt Contract With Exhibit SIGNED0.2 MiB92
2021-15-Ordinance 2021 Budget Expenses SIGNED0.2 MiB98
2021-14-Ordinance Extend EDC Contract SIGNED0.1 MiB119
2021-13-Ordinance Enter Into Contract With One View SIGNED1.0 MiB114
2021-12-Ordinance Amendment To SET Contract SIGNED0.4 MiB116
2021-11-Ordinance Position Classification And Salary Schedule SIGNED0.1 MiB130
2021-10-Ordinance Refunding Bond Ordinance SIGNED0.2 MiB122
2021-09-Ordinance Not To Enforce 1137.05 A2 And 1138.05a2 Outdoor Dining SIGNED0.1 MiB114
2021-09-27 Council Minutes ROP1.6 MiB6
2021-08-Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2015-09 Move To Amend Day SIGNED0.1 MiB7
2021-07-Ordinance Amending Chapter 1321 Building Code SIGNED87 KiB129
2021-06-Ordinance Bedford Jail Contract SIGNED1.2 MiB130
2021-05-Ordinance SRO MOU SIGNED LEGISLATION3.5 MiB145
2021-04-Ordinance Enter Into Agreement With Vermeer Tree And Brush Chipper SIGNED0.3 MiB137
2021-03-Ordinance Mutual Assitance And Aid Agreement SIGNED LEGISLATION0.1 MiB151
2021-02-Ordinance Advertise For Bids SIGNED79 KiB128
2021-01-Ordinance Enter Into Easement With Riverhaus SIGNED LEGISLATION0.5 MiB135