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Signed Legislation

Below is the signed legislation for the Village of Chagrin Falls from 2011 until present.  Legislation is organized by type and date; resolutions listed first, followed by ordinances and administrative orders. You may select how many files to display on each page and use the page navigation to move between pages.  Clicking on the names will download a pdf version of the legislation to your computer.

This list is searchable.

Parking Application Updated 5.11.21 (FORM)0.4 MiB181
Ordinance No 2020-54 Health Care Insurance With Exhibits AB SIGNED0.3 MiB225
2021-70-Ordinance Authorizing Amendment To Workman Industrial Services Contract Change Order No 2 SIGNED0.3 MiB66
2021-69-Ordinance Contract With Senior Transportation Connection SIGNED7.9 MiB65
2021-68-Ordinance Contract Cuyahoga Co Board Of Health Phase II Stormwater(1) SIGNED1.8 MiB108
2021-67-OrdinanceTemporary Appropriations SIGNED94 KiB70
2021-66-Ordinance Life Insurance Contract Authorization SIGNED0.1 MiB69
2021-65-Ordinance Codified Ordinances Revision SIGNED0.1 MiB70
2021-64-Ordinance Fiscal Officer Advance Taxes SIGNED92 KiB81
2021-63-Ordinance Position Classification And Salary Schedule SIGNED0.2 MiB210
2021-62-Resolution Authorize Mass Notification System Ready Notify SIGNED0.9 MiB76
2021-61-Resolution Grant Ohio Criminal Justice Services SIGNED93 KiB78
2021-60-Ordinance Limited Hours On Conservation Land SIGNED0.1 MiB75
2021-59-Ordinance Authorizing Amendment To Workman Industrial Services Contract WWTP SIGNED0.3 MiB75
2021-58-Ordinance Amending Codified Ordinance 142.05 Cemetery SIGNED0.1 MiB66
2021-57-Ordinance Amend Traffic Control Map No Parking Low Street SIGNED0.1 MiB78
2021-56-Ordinance Authorizing Contract With Reigelman Play Area At Riverside Park SIGNED1.5 MiB81
2021-55-Ordinance Authorizing Contract With Eclipse Arboretum Trail SIGNED0.2 MiB90
2021-54-Ordinance Authorizing Agreement With Federated Church Of Chagrin Falls SIGNED3.0 MiB78
2021-53-Ordinance Authorizing Contract With S E T Inc For Riverside Park Walking Path SIGNED1.6 MiB81
2021-52-Resolution Budget Commission Tax Rate SIGNED0.1 MiB101
2021-51-Resolution Municipal Funding Plan For Chagrin Valley Fire Department SIGNED92 KiB81
2021-50-Ordinance ODNR Grant Riverside Park Walking Path SIGNED5.9 MiB96
2021-49-Ordinance 2021 Water Street Sewer Contract With S E T Inc SIGNED0.2 MiB86
2021-48-Ordinance 2021 Road Program Agreement With Burton Scot SIGNED0.2 MiB145
2021-47-Ordinance 2021 Historic District Sewers Agreement With United Survey Inc SIGNED0.2 MiB121
2021-46-Resolution Designating JPMorgan Chase Bank As Depository SIGNED0.4 MiB85
2021-45-Ordinance Opioid Settlement LEGISLATION SIGNED0.1 MiB93
2021-44-Ordinance Valley Freightliner Sterling Western Star Contract SIGNED0.4 MiB91
2021-43-Ordinance Equipment Sharing Agreement Between Chagrin Falls And Orange Village SIGNED0.1 MiB95
2021-42-Ordinance Not To Enforce 1137.05 (a)(2) And 1138.05(a)(2) Extention To December 31 2021 SIGNED0.1 MiB84
2021-41-Resolution Depositories For Interim Deposits SIGNED88 KiB88
2021-40-Resolution Depositories For Active Funds SIGNED89 KiB87
2021-39-Resolution Altrenative Tax Budget 2022 SIGNED PACKET0.6 MiB94
2021-39-Resolution Altrenative Tax Budget 2022 SIGNED87 KiB102
2021-38-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Removal Of Councilpersons TABLED78 KiB89
2021-37-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter References Council Meetings Director Of Finance Duties SIGNED0.1 MiB104
2021-36-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter Planning & Zoning Code Andor Map Final SIGNED0.1 MiB127
2021-35-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter Initiative Referendum And Recall Final SIGNED0.1 MiB255
2021-34-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter Conflict Of Interest 6.15.21 TABLED77 KiB83
2021-33-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter CAO May Also Provide Notice 6.15.21 TABLED82 KiB88
2021-32-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter CAO Duties Control Building Dept P&Z Code 6.15.21 TABLED78 KiB80
2021-31-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter Director Of Law 6.15.21 TABLED77 KiB93
2021-30-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Charter Absence And Vacancy Of Mayor Final SIGNED0.1 MiB109
2021-29-Ordinance Proposed Amendments To Council Number And Term Final SIGNED0.1 MiB117
2021-28-Ordinance Mutual Aid Assistance With Exhibit A SIGNED1.5 MiB102
2021-27-Ordinance Delta Dental Contract Renewal SIGNED0.1 MiB100
2021-26-Ordinance Planning Consulting Services With Lindner SIGNED0.6 MiB104
2021-25-Ordinance Donation Agreement With Connor Foundation SIGNED0.1 MiB123
2021-24-Ordinance Amending P & Z Code 1135.02(a)(1)(B) SIGNED91 KiB95
2021-23-Ordinance NOPEC Grant Agreement 2021 SIGNED0.2 MiB130
2021-22-Ordinance Parking Lease With CF Exempted Village Schools SIGNED0.3 MiB121
2021-21-Resolution Advertise For Bids SIGNED0.1 MiB147
2021-20 Amending Planning And Zoning Code Administrative Matters SIGNED0.1 MiB142
2021-19-Ordinance Amending Planning And Zoning Map SIGNED0.5 MiB120
2021-18-Ordinance Enter Into License Agreement With CAA With Exhibt SIGNED0.2 MiB189
2021-16-Ordinance ODOT Road Salt Contract With Exhibit SIGNED0.2 MiB162
2021-15-Ordinance 2021 Budget Expenses SIGNED0.2 MiB165
2021-14-Ordinance Extend EDC Contract SIGNED0.1 MiB196
2021-13-Ordinance Enter Into Contract With One View SIGNED1.0 MiB190
2021-12-Ordinance Amendment To SET Contract SIGNED0.4 MiB190
2021-10-Ordinance Refunding Bond Ordinance SIGNED0.2 MiB190
2021-09-Ordinance Not To Enforce 1137.05 A2 And 1138.05a2 Outdoor Dining SIGNED0.1 MiB182
2021-07-Ordinance Amending Chapter 1321 Building Code SIGNED87 KiB201
2021-06-Ordinance Bedford Jail Contract SIGNED1.2 MiB204
2021-05-Ordinance SRO MOU SIGNED LEGISLATION3.5 MiB231
2021-04-Ordinance Enter Into Agreement With Vermeer Tree And Brush Chipper SIGNED0.3 MiB219
2021-03-Ordinance Mutual Assitance And Aid Agreement SIGNED LEGISLATION0.1 MiB226
2021-02-Ordinance Advertise For Bids SIGNED79 KiB205
2021-01-Ordinance Enter Into Easement With Riverhaus SIGNED LEGISLATION0.5 MiB205