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River Bank Restoration VIDEO

Orchard Street River Bank | RESTORATION

Attached is a short promotional video Davey Tree produced showcasing our Orchard Street river bank restoration project. The video does an excellent job of explaining this project.


In July of 2015, a thunderstorm caused nearly a million dollars in damage in the Village. One major issue to note was massive river bank erosion at our Waste Water Treatment Plant. In fact, the perimeter fence around the plant, approximately 30 feet from the river bank, was in danger of being washed into the river.


Through our membership with Chagrin River Watershed Partners, we applied for a Section 319 grant from the Ohio EPA resulting in a grant in the amount of  $89,000. This offset 60% of the $148,000 total cost of the restoration project.


Restoring the river bank in a natural means did several things for the Village. It cost less than a hard engineered solution using steel or gabion (a wirework container filled with rock, broken concrete, or other material, used in the construction of dams, retaining walls, etc.) baskets. Additionally, it was a permanent solution using the forces of the river to maintain the bank. Lastly, it opened up an area of the river for recreational usage that would have otherwise been precluded by the hard engineered solution.