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Public Meeting – BZA – 289 North Street (04/13/22, 6:30 PM)


Notice is hereby given that a public meeting will be held by the Board of Zoning Appeals of the Village of Chagrin Falls at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 (6:30 P.M. – Executive Session with the Law Director – Not Open to the Public) (7:30 P.M. – Appeal Application – Open to the Public) utilizing a virtual meeting format at the request of Jim and Leah Dustin for the continuation of two (2) administrative appeals.  The first administrative appeal is to the November 16, 2021 decision of the Architectural Review Board in approving a front porch addition with modifications.  The second administrative appeal is to the January 4, 2022 decision of the Architectural Review Board in approving a siding application with modifications.  Both appeals are for the property at 289 North Street, Permanent Parcel No. 931-06-004.  This is a continuation of the February 22, 2022 Board of Zoning Appeals hearing on this matter.

In accordance with Chagrin Falls Ordinance #2022-01, this meeting will be held as a remote meeting.  No one will be in attendance at the Village Hall Council Chambers and the public is not permitted to access the Council Chambers during the meeting.  Access is available to the public only via telephone, YouTube, and through Zoom web conferencing.  Instructions on joining the meeting using these methods are listed on the village website at  If you wish to view the project materials prior to the meeting, please contact Robert Jamieson, Chief Administrative Officer, at (440) 247-5050 or at

The public may appear remotely and speak and present written comments, or other documents given to the Chief Administrative Officer, at least three business days prior to the hearing, either by email at , sending PDF format documents, or by delivering the documents to the Village either in-person or by using the drop box in front of  Village Hall addressed to the Chief Administrative Officer and noting that they are documents to be used in the hearing for 289 North Street on April 13, 2022.

Robert S. Jamieson
Chief Administrative Officer

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