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Permits and Forms

2019 Energy Code Compliance Rev (ID 37826)0.3 MiB456
ABR APPLICATION For Fence Retaining Wall Siding Windows0.9 MiB53
ABR Application0.3 MiB125
Affidavit On Lot Inheritance12 KiB1127
Appeal Application 01-26-201769 KiB180
Commercial Property Release Form48 KiB1438
Contractor Registration & Bond Form 20210.9 MiB108
Ditch Enclosure Water Control Right Of Way Application0.2 MiB33
Electrical Residential Permit Form 20200.5 MiB343
Fee Schedule 0.1 MiB3342
Fence/Retaining Wall Application0.6 MiB786
Form ParkEvent0.3 MiB193
Generator Permit Application-WHOLE HOUSE0.3 MiB131
Homeowner Affidavit For Permits34 KiB345
Lot Consolidation Split Form 20200.5 MiB208
Mechanical Residential Permit Form 20200.6 MiB299
Plumbing Residential Permit Form0.7 MiB291
RCO Energy Compliance Declaration Form0.1 MiB196
RCO System Descriptions Form0.2 MiB198
Residential Permit Form0.7 MiB631
Right Of Way Permit App-Storm Sanitary Water Line OTHER0.2 MiB76
Sidewalk Cafe Permit Application 202135 KiB26
Siding Permit Applciation0.7 MiB45
Sign Permit Application0.6 MiB42
Swimming Pool Permit Application0.7 MiB7
Variance Application BZA (10-30-2020)0.2 MiB219
Window Permit Application0.7 MiB51
Zoning Occupancy Application50 KiB2077