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Leaf Collection

The Village of Chagrin Falls Street Department will begin the annual leaf pick-up program.

Starting on Monday, October 19, 2020

  • Starting at south end of town working north
  • Pile leaves in long windrows within 4 feet of curb (as close to street as possible)
  • Do not block ditches
  • No leaves in the street
  • No branches, twigs, flower cuttings, etc (leaves only)
  • Weather dependent
  • Street department will make several rounds per year
  • Last week for pick-up is week of 11/30
  • After leaf pick-up, bag for regular refuse collection

Last day to place leaves at curb is Sunday, November 29th

The Chagrin Falls Street Department offers a convenient and efficient leaf collection service to all Chagrin Falls residents from mid-October until the end of November, weather permitting.  There is a very small window of opportunity to collect the leaves from the time they fall until winter weather begins.  The following is a list of guidelines to follow to ensure an efficient collection of your leaves.

Each fall,  leaf collection will start on the South end of town and work North.  Due to weather and the large volume of leaves placed out at different times, there are no set times or dates for collection on specific streets.  The leaf team will not return to a street until the entire pass through the Village has been completed.  The Street Department aims to provide a minimum of three (3) full rounds of leaf collection throughout the Village.

During leaf collection, the Village provides daily updates of where the leaf crew has collected on both this website as well as on the Village Facebook page.


Rain and/or snow causes delays to our collection efforts, so the earlier you rake your leaves out for collection the quicker the Village can do to get them picked up efficiently.  The same workers and trucks that are used to collect leaves are also used to plow snow and spread salt, so inclement weather causes significant delays.


Leaves should be placed in long windrows, if possible, across the front of your property as close to the road as possible.  Piles are acceptable if you have a small or restricted tree lawn area.


DO NOT place leaves into the street, as they cause a hazard for motorists and block drainage inlets.  Also for streets with ditches, do not block the flow of water in the ditch with your leaves as flooding will result.


Place all leaf windrows no further than 4 feet from the edge of the road if possible.  This is the maximum reach of the vacuum hose on the leaf vacuum machine.  Also, please keep leaves 4 feet away from obstructions such as; mailboxes, utility poles, fire hydrants, and landscaping features.  These items make the collection process more difficult and slower, hindering productivity.  Also, we cannot reach leaf piles that are behind vehicles parked in the roadway, which will be left until the next collection round.


Please place out only leaves for collection. Yard waste items such as branches, vines, flower trimmings, grass clippings, and weeds will clog the vacuum machine tube and cause delays in the collection process.  In addition, items such as stones, rocks, rakes, etc. can break the vacuum machines.  If any foreign material is found in leaf piles, the crew may pass by the pile and leave a notice to remove the material before collection can take place.

See leaf collection in progress in this video.

WHERE DO MY LEAVES GO? All of the leaves collected in the Fall are taken by a commercial composting company for processing into various earth products, a true “green” recycling service! No loose leaves are taken to a landfill.


Once the final pass through town is complete, you can place your leaves in bags and put them out with your refuse for collection on your regular garbage day.  There is no Spring loose leaf collection.

While the total volume of leaves varies from year-to-year, the Street Department collected 1,642 cubic yards (492,600 lbs or 246.3 Tons) of leaves in the 2017 season! The leaves were vacuumed up in truckloads and transported to the Street Department garage transfer area.