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Hydrant Flushing


All fire hydrants will be tested & flushed starting on April 4, 2022 and will continue daily, in order by street thereafter.

April 4th thru May     |     Mon – Fri    |     8am – 4pm     |      Until Completed

  • Immediate and nearby areas will notice a drop in water pressure while hydrants are being flushed as well as discolored water. This is expected and all will go back to normal shortly after.
  • Some discolored water may be noticed and should clear up within 3 or 4 hours after flushing. 
  • It is advisable to do laundry outside of the time frame the hydrants are being flushed in your neighborhood.


  • Highlighted streets are where they are currently flushing for the current week. This list is updated daily.
  • Crossed off streets have been completed.
Starting APRIL 4TH

Solon Rd
Chagrin Valley Tr. Subdiv.

Nob Hill Dr
Monticello Dr
Carriage Stone Dr
Olive St
Hall St

Hawthorne Dr
Somerset Dr
Greenbrier Dr
Greenhaven Dr
Maple St
Center St
Walnut St
Church St
Water St
West Washington St

Winding River Dr
Orchard St
Meadow Ln
Bramley Ct
Hillside Ln
South Franklin St
Cedar St
South St
Bellview St
Bradley St

Pine St
Oak St

South Main St
Elm Ct
May Ct
Village Circle Dr

North Fork Subdiv.
Miles Rd

Old Plank Ln
Skyline Dr
Canyon Dr
Bentleyville Rd
North Franklin St
River St
West St
West Orange ST
West Summit St
Solether Ln
West Cottage St
Chagrin Blvd
Addison Ln
Stanridge Rd
North Main St
East Orange St
East Cottage St
East Summit St

Falls Walk Way
Lyndale Dr
North St
Longwood Dr
Edgewood Ct
Wilding Chase
Locust Ln
Timber Ridge

Kenton Rd
High St
High Ct
North Cleveland St
Willow Ln
Falls Rd
Stonecreek Dr

Applebrook Dr
Coy Ln
Scarsdale Ln
Hunting Ln

Pheasant Run Subdiv.
Senlac Hills Dr
Hastings Ln
Heather Ct
Tartan Ct
Highland Ln

Ridgewood Rd

Bell Street
(East of Village)
Fairview Rd
Hazelwood Dr
Sylvan Dr
Mapleridge Rd
Birchmont Dr

Woodside Rd
Fernwood Rd
Blackford Dr
Laurel Rd
Clarion Dr
East Washington St

Philomethian St
Shopping Plaza Dr
Bell Street
(To Main St –
Village limits)
Bell Tower Ct
Carriage Hill Dr
Hamlet Hills Dr
Vincent St
Columbus St
American St
Walters Rd
Hickory Hill Rd
Cleveland St
Village Commons