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E. Washington Street Improvement Project


[ Project Scope ]
The current plan is to rehabilitate the 112-year old sanitary sewer main by installing a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner, repairing manholes, lining and/or replacing laterals within the public Right-of-Way (R/W) and installing clean-outs (a riser pipe that allows access for cleaning of the line from ground level) near the sidewalk.  CIPP is a trenchless technology that inserts an epoxy liner inside the pipe which is heat cured under pressure to harden and conform to the shape of the pipe. The limits of the sanitary sewer rehabilitation extends from Pleasant Alley (behind Key Bank) to 540 E. Washington Street (Panini’s). 


[ Schedule Overview]

  • PRIVATE SEWER LATERAL RELINING STARTING SOON between North Main and Ridgewood – scheduling and reminder letters being sent within the week.
  • PROPERTY OWNERS EAST OF RIDGEWOOD TO BILLY CAMPBELL BLVD (Block D) will receive initial letters with cost proposal and participation opportunity.
  • EXPECT CONTINUED CONSTRUCTION: Work zones change routinely.  Follow detour signs as posted.
  • LOCAL TRAFFIC: Refers to travel to a destination within construction zone – residents should not drive through the construction zone.
  • PAVING WORK:  Postponed – Spring 2021

[ Detailed Project Update 11/13/2020 ]

The East Washington Street project is progressing according to schedule.  The following is an update of the project as of November 13, 2020:

Valve Removal: Next week, the contractor will be working on removing the rest of the abandoned water valves from the old water main.

This work will not require any road closure and should only take 1-2 days.

Sidewalk Replacement: On the entire stretch of East Washington Street from Ridgewood Road to North Main Street, there will be replacement of heaved or failed sidewalk sections on both sides of the road.  Sidewalks will only be replaced on one side of the road at a time to allow for easier pedestrian access.  Sidewalk Closed Ahead signs will be placed accordingly so students/residence know what side of the street to walk on.  Sidewalk Closed Ahead signs will also be placed at crosswalks so students will cross the road at the right location.  This work will not require any full road closures, just local work zones with cones or flaggers as needed.

Lining of Sanitary Sewer Laterals on the public side: The contractor is currently working near the Post Office and will continue to work their way west towards downtown.  There are a few lateral lines near the Cleveland Street intersection which may have extra traffic control present.

Lining of Sanitary Laterals private side: We have been receiving a great response from home/business owners to participate in the offer to reline private property sanitary sewer lateral lines at the reasonable village cost.  Property owners have until November 30 to submit their participation agreements to take advantage of this program.  There will be a letter sent to participating property owners by the end of November/early December with further information about their status, exact cost , and the estimated date of lining work to be performed.  Thank you for your patience as we collect all the submissions and coordinate the schedule for this work.

For the lining process, the contractor will clean all laterals and re measure them and order material accordingly.  Laterals that require heavy cleaning (due to heavy roots/debris) will be done first and then the lateral lines inspected.  Exact start date of the private property lining work will depend on the arrival of the lining material.  Any delays in material delivery will also cause a project delay.   Please have patience as we work to complete the private lateral lining work.

For private properties located between Ridgewood Road and Billy Campbell Blvd., property owners will receive their lateral lining letter and participation agreement by the end of November.  There was a slight project delay in getting these letters out to these properties.

Paving: Just to repeat the message from our last project update, the street repaving work for this project has been re-scheduled for the spring of 2021 due to weather getting to cold to pave.  Notice will be posted when the paving work is scheduled to begin, which likely will be in later April or early May.  The roadway will be fully reopened for this winter as soon as current work is completed.

[ Details & Project History ]

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E. Washington & Senlac Hills Residents
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8/6/2020Letter sent to Senlac Hills ResidentsSchedule InformationLetter
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