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Council Meeting Cancelled (Monday, 3/23/2020)

Cancellation of the regular Council Meeting, March 23, 2020

March 19, 2020

The regularly scheduled Chagrin Falls Village Council meeting for March 23, 2020 is cancelled.  The Village Charter requires regular Council meetings to take place in Village Hall.  The orders of the Governor and of the Ohio Department of Health limit meetings to 50 people.  Since a Council meeting is open to the public and has the potential to exceed the 50-person limit, the meeting will not be held.  

Village Council is working to set-up a special meeting using web conferencing that complies with the guidance from the Ohio Attorney General.   The web conference meeting would be accessible to the public allowing them to hear (i) Council discussions, (ii) deliberations on matters to be voted on by Council, (iii) proposed and pending legislation and (iv) any other important Village matters being considered at the Council meeting.

Erinn Grube
Council President