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Chagrin Falls Library installs a StoryWalk in Riverside Park

What is a StoryWalk?

A StoryWalk is an outdoor reading experience whereby a children’s book is deconstructed and the pages of the book are laminated and placed on wooden stakes or in permanent kiosks along a walking trail.

StoryWalk in Riverside Park

Our very first Chagrin Falls Branch StoryWalk is up in Riverside Park next to the Library.

Where is the StoryWalk?

The StoryWalk starts at the bottom of the ramp entrance to the park off of East Orange Street and continues along the walking path, past the playground, and along the river heading towards the falls.

What Book is Displayed?

“The Artist: A Max and Annie Adventure in Imagination” by local author, Sandra J. Philipson, a story about two English springer spaniels who encounter an artist on their walk by the river. The dogs are surprised and delighted to see the artist’s paintings come to life through the power of imagination.

This installation was made possible by the Friends of The Chagrin Falls Library.