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Cemetery Sexton: Rob Arnold – 440-247-1158

Located in Evergreen Cemetery, this Civil War Memorial pays tribute to the Chagrin Falls residents that lost their lives in the conflict.


Cemetery Map -2013

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Evergreen Cemetery is located at 506 South Franklin Street Chagrin Falls, OH 44022.  Decisions about the cemetery are made by the Cemetery Board, which meets monthly.  The cemetery is a member of both the Cleveland Cemetery Association and the Ohio Cemetery Association. The Civil War Memorial (pictured above)  can be found in the north end of the cemetery and is the site of the annual Memorial Day Service.


Columbarium and Grave owners, if you see that your decorations are missing, please check behind our Brown Maintenance Building. We have pulled them off due to a rule or regulation violation and typically keep them for a week before discarding them.


Any further questions or concerns please call Rob Arnold at 440-247-1158 or email at

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***Cemetery rules and regulations revised  and adopted 3/2019***

All cemetery information, permits and a schedule of costs and fees are posted as downloadable files below. 

Note: If you have any additional questions, please contact the Cemetery Sexton at (440) 247-1158 or email – If you have a specific request, it must be presented in writing to the Sexton and Board of Cemetery Trustees for review.

These Rules, Regulations, & Procedures are subject to change without notice.


The Cemetery Board makes recommendations to Council concerning the care and development of Evergreen Cemetery.  The Board meets monthly.

Cemetery Board Members

Larry Trace, Chairman 440-247-5096
Moira Carr 440-247-3672
Susan Harris White 440-247-3644

Cemetery Board Minutes Archive

2019-11-13 Cemetery Commission Minutes29 KiB51
2019-10-16 Cemetery Commission Minutes53 KiB77
2019-09-11 Cemetery Commission Minutes40 KiB103
2019-09-09 Cemetery Commission Minutes32 KiB100
2019-08-14 Cemetery Commission Minutes1.0 MiB127
2019-07-10 Cemetery Commission Minutes25 KiB129
2019-06-12 Cemetery Minutes39 KiB131
2019-04-10 Cemetery Commission Minutes0.1 MiB166
2019-03-11 Cemetery Commission Minutes0.5 MiB150
2019-03-07 Cemetery Commission Minutes0.5 MiB145
2019-02-13 Cemetery Commission Minutes0.2 MiB245
2019-01-31 Cemetery Commission Minutes20 KiB220
2019-01-09 Cemetery Commission Minutes54 KiB218
2018-12-12 Cemetery Commission Minutes44 KiB255
2018-11-14 Cemetery Commission Minutes14 KiB248
2018-09-18 Cemetery Minutes0.2 MiB284
2018-08-15 Cemetery Minutes15 KiB337
2018-06-14 Cemetery Minutes24 KiB390
2018-06-06 Cemetery Minutes59 KiB401
2018-02-14 Cemetery Minutes56 KiB416
2018-01-24 Cemetery Minutes0.4 MiB415
2018-01-10 Cemetery Minutes0.4 MiB392
2017-11-08 Cemetery Minutes13 KiB368
2017-10-11 Cemetery Minutes37 KiB496
2017-10-11 Cemetery Minutes37 KiB413
2017-08-09 Cemetery Minutes92 KiB382
2017-07-12 Cemetery Minutes0.5 MiB473
2017-07-12 Cemetery Minutes0.5 MiB416
2017-05-10 Cemetery Minutes1.4 MiB521
2017-04-12 Cemetery Minutes0.1 MiB427
2017-02-08 Cemetery Minutes66 KiB450
2017-01-11 Cemetery Minutes0.3 MiB448
2016-05-11 Cemetery Minutes16 KiB607
2016-01-13 Cemetery Minutes18 KiB793
2015-11-11 Cemetery Minutes15 KiB735
2015-10-14 Cemetery Minutes14 KiB707
2015-09-16 Cemetery Minutes16 KiB678
2015-04-22 Cemetery Minutes19 KiB780
2015-03-04 Cemetery Minutes14 KiB763
2015-02-11 Cemetery Minutes19 KiB807
2014-10-08 Cemetery Minutes17 KiB983
2014-09-17 Cemetery Minutes18 KiB969
2014-07-16 Cemetery Minutes14 KiB927
2014-06-11 Cemetery Minutes13 KiB917
2014-05-14 Cemetery Minutes20 KiB886
2014-04-09 Cemetery Minutes12 KiB772
2014-03-12 Cemetery Minutes13 KiB768
2014-02-12 Cemetery Minutes12 KiB736
2014-01-15 Cemetery Minutes20 KiB712
2013-11-13 Cemetery Minutes14 KiB689
2013-10-09 Cemetery Minutes5 KiB719
2013-09-11 Cemetery Minutes6 KiB692
2013-07-10 Cemetery Minutes6 KiB686
2013-06-12 Cemetery Minutes5 KiB709
2013-05-08 Cemetery Board Minutes5 KiB732
2013-04-10 Cemetery Minutes6 KiB749
2013-03-13 Board Of Cemetery Trustees Minutes34 KiB705
2013-02-13 Board Of Cemetery Trustees Minutes68 KiB694
2012 Board Of Cemetery Trustees Minutes (3 Of 3)0.4 MiB692
2012 Board Of Cemetery Trustees Minutes (2 Of 2)2.1 MiB675
2012 Board Of Cemetery Trustees Minutes1.4 MiB689
2011 Board Of Cemetery Trustees Minutes1.5 MiB720
2011 Board Of Cemetery Trustees (2 Of 2)1.0 MiB697


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