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Walters Rd – Village Capital Improvement Program

An update from your Streets & Sidewalks Committee

The Walters Road Reconstruction Project is scheduled to start the week of April 16th and conclude in mid-October. As part of the Village Capital Improvement Program, the work will involve replacing the sanitary sewer system, replacing the water main, removing the Hickory Hill sanitary sewer pump station, reconstruction of Walters Road, and the addition of sidewalks on the north side of Walters from the Village line to Bell Street.  

For the duration of this project, Walters Road will be one way with all traffic flowing north bound, leaving the village. Due to the size of the equipment, width of the road and scope of the project, please be prepared to expect delays and consider alternative routes. CFEVSD Transportation, Russell and South Russell Police Departments have all been made aware of the project and changes to the traffic pattern.

The Village Council awarded the contract for this project to Mr Excavator. They will be working 4 x 10-hour days which provides flexibility to make up weather delays. Residents are advised that there will be occasional interruption of water services due to the water line replacement and notices will be provided in advance.

Council Meeting Agenda for April 9, 2018

Village of Chagrin Falls

April 9, 2018 Regular Council Meeting 7:00 PM

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Roll call and action concerning absentees
  3. Approval of the minutes from the Regular Council Meeting held March 26, 2018.
  4. Report of the Mayor: William A. Tomko
  5. Report of the Finance Director: David B. Bloom
  6. Members of the public to speak to agenda items (Not to exceed 2 minutes per person)
  7. Report of the Law Director: Dale Markowitz
        • Ordinance No. 2018-24 – An ordinance amending and replacing Chapter 1146, Historic Preservation Regulations of the Planning andZoning Code of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Chagrin Falls. 1st Reading 3-26-18, Public Hearing scheduled for 5-14-1 8.

      Full text (pdf)


        • Ordinance No. 2018-25 – An ordinance amending the position classification and salary schedule for various positions within the Village of Chagrin Falls and declaring an emergency. New legislation.

      Full Text (pdf)


        • Ordinance No. 2018-26 – An ordinance amending codified ordinance Section 5aa.I4(a) to increase the composition of the Shade Tree Commission from six (6) members to seven (7) members and eliminating the residency requirement. New legislation.

      Full text (pdf)

  8. Council Committee Reports
      • Streets & Sidewalks Committee: Erinn Grube
      • Facilities & Services Committee: Jan Evans
      • Planning &, Zoning Commission: Nancy Rogoff
      • Safety Committee: Angela DeBernardo
      • Utilities Committee: Jim Newell
      • Board of Zoning Appeals: Karl Maersch
      • Administration & Compensation Committee: Julia Lipp
      • Finance Committee: Karl Maersch
      • Parks Commission: Erinn Grube
      • Shade Tree Commission: Angela DeBernardo
      • Arts Commission: Nancy Rogoff
      • Parking Commission: Jim Newell
      • Cemetery Commission: Julia Lipp
  9. Report of the Chief Administrative Officer: Rob Jamieson
  10. Report of the Engineer: Tim Lannon
  11. Report of the Police Chief: Amber Dacek
  12. Report of the Fire Chief: Frank M. Zugan
  13. Members of the public to speak to any matter (not to exceed 5 minutes)
  14. Miscellaneous
  15. Adjournment

Upcoming Meeting Currently Scheduled

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Healthy Food for Ducks

In response to requests from residents, the Parks Commission approved two signs to be placed in Riverside Park with information about healthy diets for waterfowl. Ducks, geese and other waterfowl face serious health complications when they eat empty calories, like bread, instead of nutrient rich foods. These health issues can impact their ability to fly, migrate, reproduce and escape predators.

Fortunately, it is easy to offer our feathered friends a healthy snack. Fresh foods like cut seedless grapes, cooked rice, peas, corn and lettuce are all great options. The Hardware Store sells bags of corn for $1.

The signs will be placed in mid-April on existing poles.

More information about the impacts of feeding waterfowl bread can be found here

By Erinn Grube

Weekly Meeting Report


Monday, January 8th
7:00 P.M.    Council Meeting  Agenda

Tuesday, January 9th
8:30 A.M.    Architectural Board of Review  Agenda

Wednesday, January 10th
9:00 A.M.    Cemetery Meeting

Monday, January 15th
6:00 P.M.    Arts Commission
7:30 P.M.    Planning & Zoning Commission

Tuesday, January 16th
8:30 A.M.    Architectural Board of Review

Monday, January 22nd
7:00 P.M.    Council Meeting

Tuesday, January 23rd
8:30 A.M.     Parks Commission
8:00 P.M.     Board of Zoning Appeals

Thursday, February 1st
8:30 A.M.    Shade Tree Commission

Tuesday, February 6th
8:30 A.M.     Architectural Board of Review

Monday, February 12th
7:00 P.M.    Council Meeting

Weekly Meeting Report


Tuesday, November 7th
8:30 A.M.     Architectural Board of Review

Wednesday, November 8th
9:00 A.M.     Cemetery Board Meeting

Thursday, November 9th
8:30 A.M.     Shade Tree Commission

Monday, November 13th
7:00 P.M.     Council Meeting

Tuesday, November 14th
8:30 A.M.     Parks Commission

Monday, November 20th
7:30 P.M.     Planning & Zoning Commission

Tuesday, November 21st
8:30 A.M.     Architectural Board of Review

We will be closed on Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 24th in observance of the holiday.

Monday, November 27th
7:00 P.M.     Council Meeting

Tuesday, November 28th
8:30 A.M.     Parks Commission
8:00 P.M.     Board of Zoning Appeals

Tuesday, December 5th
8:30 A.M.     Architectural Board of Review

Thursday, December 7th
8:30 A.M.     Shade Tree Commission

Minutes and Agendas Uploaded This Week

2017-10-24 Parks Minutes

2017-10-10 Parks Minutes

2017-09-25 Council Minutes

2017-09-11 Council Minutes



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