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Village of Chagrin Falls Residents Community Shred Day

The Village of Chagrin Falls is sponsoring a Community Shred Day on Saturday, October 19, 2019. The event will be held in the parking lot of the Federated Church, 76 Bell Street, from 9:00 A.M. until 12 Noon.

The service is free for the Village of Chagrin Falls residents ONLY. We ask that you limit your shred material to five boxes or bags. Materials that can be shredded include: paper, light cardboard, staples, paper clips and 3.5 inch computer storage discs.

Questions can be directed to Debbie Bosworth at Chagrin Falls Village Hall at 440-247-2875.

Notice of Public Meeting – Work Session Proposed changes to the Zoning Code and Map



The Chagrin Falls Village Council will meet in a work session meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, July 8, 2019 in the Council Chamber of the Chagrin Falls Village Hall, 21 West Washington Street, Chagrin Falls, Ohio for the purpose of discussing the proposed changes to the Chagrin Falls Zoning Code and Zoning Map.

As a result of the comments and concerns expressed at the Public Hearing on the Zoning Code Overhaul on Monday, June 24, 2019, the following changes to the proposed code have been drafted and will be considered at the work session:

  1. Play Structures 1138.05(a)(5).  Deleted.
  2. Outdoor Fireplaces, 1125.04(d)(4).  Deleted.
  3. Odor abatement systems 1125.04(d)(3), and 1139.02(a)(6) B.6. Deleted.

Regarding the proposed changes to the Zoning Map parcels, the following changes have been drafted:

  1. The current “PI”, Parks and Institutional zoning designation, which includes most of the Chagrin River west of Main Street, will be removed from the parcels along the river and these parcels will then remain the same as the current zoning district for each parcel.
  2. The Spillway North property will remain in the “LI-RMU”, Limited Industrial – Residential Mixed Use district and the Spillway South property will be rezoned from the “P”, Parking district to the “RMU”, Residential Mixed Use district as the proposed zoning code changes eliminate the Parking district entirely.

Other changes will be considered at the work session, based on public comments received and Council’s review of the draft changes.

Planning & Zoning Code Clarification from Mayor Tomko

The Village Council held a public hearing on Ordinance 2019-39 on June 24, 2019 to consider text changes to the Planning and Zoning Code and to make changes to the Zoning Map. Numerous changes needed to be made to the map due to eliminating a few districts, dividing the Parks and Institutional District into 2 separate districts, (parks and institutions) and some parcels that were in an overlay district no longer necessary.

Some property owners who have lots abutting or partially located in the Chagrin River and the Spillway property owner attended the public hearing and objected to map changes that are now being considered by Council. The Village Engineer, Planner and Law Director are working on revising the map shown on Monday night and will present back to Council in the near term. This revised map will remove all parcels that are partially in the river (currently every parcel west of Main Street) that has title to part of the river and had that portion of their property designated as Parks  on the map shown last Monday night (currently designated as Parks and Institutional on the previously adopted zoning  map). This was not an attempt at any form of taking but a result of removing the word “institutional” from the existing zoning; thus “Parks and Institutional” became just Parks. There was no attempt to rezone or change private property to public use, just an inadvertent bad choice of words. These parcels on the revised map will take the zoning designation of the abutting district that zones the non-river portion of their lots. The revised map will remove the changes to all privately owned  parcels considered for change except for Falls Walk which will remove the overlay district and keep it in the R1-C as Windsor hospital no longer exists. The Spillway parcels on Low Street that were zoned parking have been sold and single family homes are currently on them, thus their zoning will change to residential. The former Ivex property to the east of Cleveland Street will retain the over lay zoning and all parcels designated as limited industrial. Council will plan on having a work session in the near term to review these map changes as well as some other issues raised by residents and members of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Affected property owners will be notified in advance of that meeting.

The Village appreciates the input received from the residents and will consider these changes which were a part of a two plus year process of revising the code.


Notice of Special Council Meeting




Wednesday, April 3, 2019 1:00 pm


The Chagrin Falls Village Council will hold a Special Meeting. The purpose of the Special Meeting is to vote on a candidate for the council seat vacancy.

The Special Council Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 1:00 pm at the Chagrin Falls Village Hall, in Council Chambers, 21 West Washington Street, Chagrin Falls OH 44022


Bell Street and Walters Road Proposed Stop Sign

The Village Safety Committee (Angela DeBernardo, Nancy Rogoff and Erinn Grube) unanimously recommended the Village move forward with legislation to add a pedestrian crosswalk and a third stop sign to the 3-way intersection  at the Bell and Walters intersection during a meeting earlier this summer. The Safety Committee will meet Monday, September 10 at 6pm to review the legislation and vote if it should be recommended to Council. Residents are welcome to come and speak at the Safety Committee meeting regarding this legislation. 

This legislation stems from a request by Bell Street residents asking for the Bell and Walters intersection to become a 3-way stop in order to:

  1. Connect the new Walters Road sidewalks to the rest of the Village
  2. Provide safe pedestrian crossing of Bell Street in a location that is likely to be used 
  3. Allow Bell Street residents to safely use their right turn signal when turning into their driveways

Download (PDF, 194KB)

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