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With April Showers Come….Mosquitoes!


Mosquitoes can breed in many places around your yard including areas of standing water, unused tires, kiddie pools, and clogged gutters.  Eliminating standing water will help to reduce the population of biting adult mosquitoes and allow you to better enjoy the outdoors this summer.


  • Clean your gutters often to keep them flowing.
  • Remove or properly store children’s toys that can collect water.
  • Place the lids on your garbage cans to keep rain out.
  • Maintain your ornamental pond or bird bath.
  • Cover your rain barrel openings with screening.
  • Store wheel barrows upside down or on end.
  • Fill in low spots in your yard.
  • Maintain your pool and keep stagnant water off the cover when not in use.
  • Remove containers that may hold water (buckets, tires, etc.) from behind garages or sheds.
  • Clean out any roadside or drainage ditches so that water can flow properly.


Following these tips will help prevent mosquitoes from living in your yard and also reduce the chances of your family becoming infected with a mosquito-borne disease.

Our staff will respond to mosquito complaints and apply mosquito control products from early spring into the fall.  You can help us to protect your community from mosquito-borne disease by routinely following the steps listed above.

Please visit our website at for more information or call us at 216-201-2000 to discuss a mosquito problem.

Up With People Coming to Chagrin Falls


Families in Chagrin Falls will have the unique opportunity to bring a bit of the world into their own homes between March 11th and March 17th when an international cast of Up with People arrives in Chagrin Falls, a stop on their 2014 world tour.

 Host families are being sought to keep one or more students from Cast A 2014, the 100-member Up with People cast, which represents 20 countries. “It is a great opportunity to experience other cultures without having to leave your couch,” explained Grant Hamilton,  Promotion Representative for Up with People.

The opportunity to stay with local families during their time in each community is a centerpiece of Up with People’s 22-week program. The giving goes both ways; while families share their traditions and local attractions, the cast members also share their experiences and cultures.

Local host families are asked to provide a bed, local transportation at the beginning and end of each day, as well as breakfast and most dinners. While gone during the day, participating in regional learning, community service and show preparation, most evenings cast members will be home with the family to participate in their activities and interests.

In addition to many wonderful experiences with their new “son” or “daughter,” each host family will receive two complimentary tickets to the Up with People’s newest production Voices, which is themed around the power and the irony of communication in today’s global climate. The aim is to leave the audience feeling empowered to connect, communicate and create positive change in their communities; to ‘…rise above the noises, and listen to the voices of the world.’ Throughout the show, international cast members will provide the audience with a glimpse of their own national traditions and cultures through music and dance.

The show will be held at Chagrin Falls High School on the 14th & 15th, of March 2014 at 7.00 pm.

“I can honestly say that the dozens of families who have opened their homes to me during my time in Up with People is one of the most meaningful and memorable experiences I have had,” said Grant Hamilton, Promotion Representative for Up with People. “I still stay in contact with many of them,and I believe they will remain lifelong friends,” he added.

Those with smaller children or young teens in their home often find that the Up with People cast members are wonderful role models and provide a glimpse into other countries, cultures and traditions they might not often experience in Chagrin Falls, Hamilton added.

Local families in the Chagrin Falls area are being sought to host the cast members between the 11thto the 17th of March 2014.   Those interested in hosting are encouraged to contact Gary Guisset on the Chagrin Falls Advance Team at or by calling 303.726.0702.

Tax Help For Seniors

This tax season, senior citizens can get help on their taxes through a free program from the AARP.

There are two nearby locations that provide this service:  Solon Senior Center and the Bainbridge Branch of the Public Library.  You will find the addresses, contact information and hours listed below.


You must call to set up an appointment.  When you go, please take the previous year’s tax return and all the documents you need for this year’s return.

For more information, visit the AARP Tax Help Program page