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New Firefighter Sworn In

Congratulations to our newest Firefighter Jack Kehn.  He’s completed training and orientation.

Welcome aboard! 

Chagrin Falls Fire Department

Spillway Property Demolition Plan

There have been several inquires and requests for explanation as to the Spillway demolition. Basically everything is going to be demolished but for the chimney and the temporary retention of a small building at the north east corner of the property. The retaining wall along the river, from the falls and continuing downstream, will remain and the concrete will be ground on site and used to fill the void behind the retaining wall.
As a part of Spillway’s demolishing plan, they were required to obtain an engineer’s evaluation as to the stability of the chimney. They did so and have a report showing that it is stable. 

The Village has requested that as much of the old stone block as possible be retained on site for possible future usage. We have also requested that the stone marker/nameplate on the old boiler building be saved for historic purposes. B&B, the demolition company, has agreed to try and do this. 

The Village has not been advised and is not aware of any pending sale for the property.

Mayor Bill Tomko

Weekly Meeting Report


Monday, January 8th
7:00 P.M.    Council Meeting  Agenda

Tuesday, January 9th
8:30 A.M.    Architectural Board of Review  Agenda

Wednesday, January 10th
9:00 A.M.    Cemetery Meeting

Monday, January 15th
6:00 P.M.    Arts Commission
7:30 P.M.    Planning & Zoning Commission

Tuesday, January 16th
8:30 A.M.    Architectural Board of Review

Monday, January 22nd
7:00 P.M.    Council Meeting

Tuesday, January 23rd
8:30 A.M.     Parks Commission
8:00 P.M.     Board of Zoning Appeals

Thursday, February 1st
8:30 A.M.    Shade Tree Commission

Tuesday, February 6th
8:30 A.M.     Architectural Board of Review

Monday, February 12th
7:00 P.M.    Council Meeting

Former Mario’s Property Sold

I am pleased to announce, effective December 28, 2017, that the former Mario building located at 15 Bell Street has been sold. We have met with the new owners and their architect and it is their intention to restore the building to the maximum extent possible. We look forward to the restoration and its return to use as one of the premier buildings in the Village.

Mayor Bill Tomko