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When is a building permit required for residential work?

Any changes, to structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems requires building permit.

What is a minor building permit?

Any work that does not involve electrical, mechanical, plumbing, or structural elements and work is less than 100 square feet.

My home is 50 years old. Is that historic?

Any structure in the village that is 50 years old or older is considered historic.

I would like to replace my windows in my house. Is architectural review required?

Windows that are a mere replacement matching existing style and do not require any changes to the rough openings do not require Architectural Review Board approval. A minor building permit is still required, and the contractor has to be registered.

What are the purposes of having contractors register?

Registering contractors actually helps to protect you the property owner. It also assures that contractor carries the proper liability insurance.

How do I find out if a contractor is registered with the village of Chagrin Falls?

You may call the building department or you may ask the contractor to show you proof that they are registered with Chagrin Falls. Every registered contractor is given a registration certificate. Registration runs calendar year to calendar year.

What types of contractors have to register with the Village of Chagrin Falls?

General contractors, includes general building contractors, landscapers, doing hard scape work, fence contractors, sign & awning contractors, asphalt contractors masonry contractor, both bricks & motor, and flat work, excavators, waterproofing contractors, electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning contractor.

Can the building department recommend a contractor?

No, being a public entity we can’t recommend a contractor, but we would be happy to furnish you a list of registered contractors.

What are the hours of work that a contractor may work?

Hours of work are from 7:00AM to 7:00PM Monday-thru Saturday.

Can a fence be installed on the property line?

Yes, but only fences that are not considered a privacy fence. Regardless a permit is required. Contact the building& zoning department for further information.

I need to replace my roof do I need a permit for roofing?

No, there are no permits required for residential roofing, a permit would be required if there were changes to the structural elements of the roof.

I would like to sell my car; can it be parked in the front yard?

No, all vehicles that are being advertised for sale must be kept in a driveway. There is no overnight parking of vehicles in any yard vehicles must be parked in a driveway.

Are chickens permitted in the village?

No, chickens are not permitted, falls under “PERMITTED USES”. There is nothing in the “allowed uses” that would permit it as an agricultural use.

I would like to build a detached garage what is the minimum & maximum dimensions of a detached garage and what is the maximum square footage?

Minimum dimensions are 19’x 21’ = 399 square feet. The maximum square footage is 700 square feet.

I have a detached garage and I want to add a backyard storage shed is that permitted?

Yes, but you cannot exceed the total combined square footage of (700) square feet which includes the square footage of the detached garage and the proposed shed. Sheds cannot be permanently attached to the ground, must be located only in rear yard, cannot be less than (3) feet from lot lines, max height is (15’) from grade. Contact the building and zoning department for permit information.

I am thinking of having a garage sale do I need a permit? And how many garages sales can I have in a year?

Yes, a permit is required, it is a Garage Sale Permit VCFCO 721, issued by the Police Department. You are allowed (1) garage sale per year, hours of operation 9AM to 9 PM, (1) sign per sale not exceeding (3) square feet and not to be placed on tree lawns or public property.

I would like to install a patio in my back yard is a permit required?

If the patio is at grade level where there are no changes to grade or existing grades, or drainage, and not less than 3 feet from property line there is no permit required.