Grove Hill Park Improvements


Following the donation of the land at the corner of West Cottage Street and North Main Street, the Village will be creating Grove Hill Park on this site.  In 2023, capital funds are being requested for repair of the historical retaining wall along both West Cottage and North Main Streets.  This work includes repair and partial replacement of the wall cap stones, repair of the mortar joints, and drainage repairs in and behind the wall.  This will lay the foundation for further improvements above the wall in this park.  Additional funding is shown in the operating budget for new plant materials for the slope areas adjacent to the wall which will be installed later in 2023 after wall repairs are completed.  Further park development design and construction will be done in future years.

Project Updates

September 27, 2023

Update pending..... stay tuned.

September 8, 2023

This is the DRAFT plan for the park as recommended by both the Grove Hill Park Committee and the Parks Commission.  Council will review the plan at the September 25th council meeting.