Director of Finance

The Director of Finance is the head of the Department of Finance and the fiscal officer of the Village.


  • Keep the financial accounts of the Village, including taxes and assessments, monies due to, and all receipts and disbursements by the Village.
  • Be the custodian of all monies of the Village and shall perform the functions of the Treasurer of the Village.
  • Assist the Mayor and Council in the preparation of estimates, budgets and appropriations and shall keep the Mayor and Council informed as to the financial condition of the Village.
  • Examine all payrolls, bills and other claims against the Village.
  • Be the Clerk of Council
  • Perform such other duties such as:  
    • Maintain a system of internal controls
    • Computer and software security
    • Serve as a financial adviser to the mayor and able to prepare simple financial models of proposals, proposed actions
    • Directs the development of the annual budget and the administration of the current fiscal year budget
    • Monitors the financial operation of the Water and Waste Water Utility funds including quarterly billings and collections
    • Directs the Treasury Functions including cash management, banking, custody, investment of public funds cash flow analysis and related controls and debt administration
    • Administers human resources and employee benefit plans. 
    • Maintains existing and newly enacted legislation and coordinates the codification of appropriate  ordinances

  1. Angela Gergye

    Director of Finance
    Phone: 440-247-5050