Chief Admistrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) serves as the Village's Chief Operating Officer, providing managerial leadership, overseeing day to day operations of multiple key departments, handling departmental operating and capital budgets and ensures the effective execution of Village operations.

Working in concert with the political leadership of elected officials of the Mayor and council, the CAO provides administration and implementation of Village policies.

  1. Duties + Responsibilities


  • Functions as the head of the Department of Public Service.
  • Manages all operations of the Village-owned utilities.
  • Makes recommendations concerning all utility charges and rates to be made for services rendered and all extensions and curtailments of service.
  • Makes recommendations concerning all new construction, maintenance and replacement of existing facilities and equipment, and planning of future operations of the Village-owned utilities.
  • Is responsible for the construction, improvement, repair and maintenance of all public streets and alleys, public buildings, drains, ditches, storm sewer facilities, parks, playgrounds, and public places; including public cemeteries.
  • Makes recommendations concerning bids for public contracts.
  • Supervises the lighting, sprinkling and cleaning of public streets and places.
  • Manages the operation of the Building Department of the Village and charged with the duty of issuing building permits and enforcing the zoning and building code regulations of the Village.
  • Functions as the purchasing agent for the Village.

The CAO makes recommendations to Council and the Mayor.

Photo of Rob Jamieson standing in front of Village HallRobert Jamieson, Chief Administrative Officer

  1. Rob Jamieson

    Chief Administrative Officer

  2. Kristy Holmes

    Administrative Assistant

  3. Physical Address
    21 W Washington Street
    Chagrin Falls, OH 44022