About the Village

The inspiration for the name "Chagrin Falls" is heavily debated. Some say it comes from the Indian name for the river, others say it derived from Moses Cleveland's consternation at the river's many sandbars and shallow areas. Others say it was named because the word Chagrin meant "clear" in local dialects. No matter what the source of the name, one thing is clear: Chagrin Falls has come to epitomize life in a village, not a suburb.

Chagrin Falls was incorporated as a Village in 1844. What began as a settlement of craftsmen from Massachusetts had grown to a commercial center with 9 separate mills, powered by the Chagrin River.

Today, Village of Chagrin Falls residents enjoy a walk-able and architecturally intriguing historic village with a natural waterfall and dam located in the center of town. The village lifestyle that defines Chagrin Falls is a source of community pride and a draw to visitors from around the world.

What Is the Village Lifestyle?

  • We believe that everyone should be able to get involved in the area easily. Our community is stronger when we all contribute.
  • We think a community should include all ages, from the very young to the very old, and we work to make this one pleasant for everyone.
  • We are committed to pedestrian and cyclist friendly streets.
  • We support and nurture creativity in our thriving cultural community.
  • We believe in publicly shared green spaces, and place them at the center of our community.
  • We think the best businesses for our Main Street are independently run and owned by locals. We are unique and want to remain so.
  • We love our history and honor it by protecting much of our old architecture and traditions.

Helpful Resources

  • Chagrin Falls Historical Society
    The Mission of the Chagrin Falls Historical Society shall be the discovery, preservation and dissemination of knowledge about Chagrin Falls and its vicinity.
  • Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce
    The Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce is committed to the enhancement of business and business growth within the Chagrin Valley. We will serve as an effective advocate for the business community and will promote economic, cultural, and public interests.
  • Chagrin Falls Schools
    The Chagrin Falls School District is one of the highest-achieving districts in the state. After maintaining a rating of "Excellent with Distinction" by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) for numerous years, our district has continued to reflect ongoing excellence in performance.
  • Chagrin Solon Sun Newspaper
  • Chagrin Valley Times Newspaper
  • St. Joan of Arc Parochial School