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Cuyahoga County Extends Deadline For Informal Appeals On Property Values

Following the sexennial reappraisal and concerns from property owners that their property values have risen, Cuyahoga County has extended the informal appeal process. Residents now have until September 14th to file an informal appeal.

Residents who are concerned that their property values may have been over-estimated can appeal to the Cuyahoga County fiscal office by going online or by calling (216) 443-4663 (H-O-M-E).

If you are not able to appeal informally by September 14th, don’t worry. You may still file a formal appeal with the County Board of Revision between January 1st and March 31st, 2019Continue Reading →

Proposed Parking Restrictions For May and Elm Court

Over the last year, May Court has been experiencing a problem with increased street parking density during the daytime hours.  May Court is a narrow roadway with two way traffic which allows street parking on one side of the roadway.  As parking has increased in the area, it has affected the safety of the neighborhood  in the following ways:

  • It is difficult for cars, school buses, trucks and village service and safety vehicles to easily travel along the roadway.  When one side is completely blocked with parked vehicles, cars traveling down the road can meet head to head, causing one car to backup – sometimes a considerable distance – in order to clear the roadway.
  • Residents of the street have found themselves blocked in their driveways by parked vehicles.
  • The roadway curves along its length, and the parked vehicles interrupt sight lines making it more difficult to see an oncoming vehicle at a distance.

For all these reasons, residents have come to Council to request that some action be taken.  On August 13th, Council passed a temporary 30 day daytime parking ban (7 am – 6 pm) that will go in to effect on or about September 14, 2018.  The problem was referred to the Safety Committee, which met on August 17th to hear from residents, engineering and safety forces.

The Safety Committee has recommended a proposal to permanently change the permitted parking areas on May and Elm Court which is now before Council for evaluation.  Parking would be reduced by half on May Court, taking the current number of available spaces from 14 to 7, and eliminating spaces that block sight lines and access to driveways.  The openings created along the road will provide more areas for cars to “duck in” when they meet traffic traveling in the other direction.  If adopted, May Court will be striped and signage placed immediately.

Parking plans were also developed for Elm Court and Village Circle, Old May Court, and Old Elm Court in anticipation of the parking issues moving around the circle to the next available area. The plans block parking in front of mailboxes, and similar to what we’ve tried to accomplish on May Court, they limit the total number of cars allowed to park along the street.  These plans, if adopted, could be put in to action quickly by administration but would not be striped or have any added signage unless a problem developed.

Diagrams are presented below of each area.  Red shading indicates driveways and houses.  Blue shading is a proposed parking location.

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The ordinance and diagrams are available as a pdf below.

Parking Plan Diagrams

Proposed Ordinance 

Council had its first reading of this proposal on August 27th.  It will be before Council again on September 10th at 7 pm for a second reading.  If you would like to be heard on this issue at the meeting, please call Beth DeBaggis at 440-247-5050 and ask to be placed on the Sept. 10th agenda in relation to the May Court/Elm Court parking plan.  If you would like to contact Council by email, you can reach them at

You can always reach me personally by email or phone at the contact information below.


Angie DeBernardo

Safety Committee Chair


Plaza Parking Lot Construction Aug. 27-30

The Plaza Parking lot is being repaired and resealed this week. Construction will start today and is scheduled to extend through and including this Thursday. To the maximum extent possible most of the work will be done at night.

During the construction period the CFPD will NOT be enforcing parking in the Plaza lot nor at the meters on Bell Street. All parking will be first come first serve. If construction proceeds as scheduled parking enforcement will go back to normal on Friday.