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Notice To Property Owners Of Special Assessments: Walters Street Sidewalk Project

TO: Residents of Walters Road and Hickory Hill:
You are notified that on January 22,2018, the Village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio adopted Resolution No.
2018-06 declaring it necessary to improve the Village’s walking system by constructing sidewalks on the
north side of Walters Road by constructing a five (5) foot wide sidewalk on the nofth side of Walters Road
from the intersection of Bell Street to the Village Corporation line approximately one thousand (1,000) feet
to the northeast.

The resolution approves the plans, specifications, profiles and estimate of cost for the improvement,
which were prepared by CT Consultants, Inc, and are now on file in the office of the Clerk of Council, and
provides that the Village shall assume and pay, as its portion of the cost of the improvement, the first Two
Thousand Eight Hundred Forty-Nine and 50/100 ($2,849,50) of the cost of constructing the sidewalks, and
the residents shall pay the balance of the cost of the improvetnents, engineering, legal, financing and
administrative costs to be allocated among the fifty-six (56) parcels described on Exhibit “A” attached hereto
and made a part hereof, abutting Walters Road and Hickory Hill, said costs to include all engineering, legal,
administrative and publication and service costs, and fînancing costs as well as the actual cost of construction
of the sidewalks.

The estimated special assessments for the improvement based on the estimate of costs are now on file
in the office of the Clerk of Council and available for inspection by any interested person.
Objections to the special assessments, or the amount or apportionment of those special assessments,
must be filed in writing in the office of the Clerk of Council within two weeks from the date of the
publication of this notice.

By order of the Council of the Village of Chagrin Falls

David Bloom
Chief Financial Officer

You are also notified that the amount of the estimated special assessment based upon the estimated
cost of the improvement is stated below. It is subject to adjustrnent, up or down, based on the final cost
of the improvement.

Estimated Special Assessments: $798.00
Properties Identified:

Power - Lock