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Main Street Bridge Railing Final Decision Made

After final deliberations, the parks committee voted unanimously to recommend the railing based on the George Washington Memorial Parkway -3 design.  This railing will have 3/4 in pickets, square posts (no fins).  Those present discussed that given the constraints of the crash tested (ODOT approved) designs, the GW design offered the best combination of safety for pedestrians (trying to climb) and aesthetic appropriateness.


During the meeting the following issues were discussed:

  • Safety – many concerns were raised regarding the ease and accessibility of climbing.  Parents/residents are concerned that the horizontal railings invite your kids to climb up to view the falls.
  • Aesthetics – which design is most in keeping with the aesthetic style of the CF Village architecture (other fences, railings, sign posts, benches, light fixtures, etc.)
  • Accessibility to view – which design allows for optimal viewing of falls and invites pedestrians to stop and enjoy.

The GW offers three (3) rounded/pipe-like horizontal elements (5 in) backed by 3/4 in pickets.  This option best addresses safety concern re: climbing in that it is thought the round horizontal elements would be more difficult for children to climb.  This option has acceptable viewing access given the crash test structural requirements and the child safety concerns.

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