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Leaf Pickup Final Round For 2017

Please have your leaves out by Sunday December 3rd. The Street Department will make there final trip around the Village starting Monday December 4th., on the South End  working towards the North End. If you miss the cut off date you can bag them or put them in your Trash Totter for Kimble to pickup.


John Brockway

Streets Superintendent

Final Meeting On Bridge Rail Selection Tuesday November 28th 8:30 am

Update: The George Washington Rail with square pickets  and rounded horizontals was unanimously selected by the committee. 

Byron Sah (Cuyahoga County), and one representative (Joanne Shaner)from HDR (construction company) attended the meeting and provided renderings of TWO top railing picks (MASSDOT S3-TL4 and Texas C2P).  These renderings had been posted on the Village website (Angela DeBernardo).


During the meeting the following issues were discussed:


Safety – many concerns were raised regarding the ease and accessibility of climbing.  Parents/residents are concerned that the horizontal railings invite your kids to climb up to view the falls.

Aesthetics – which design is most in keeping with the aesthetic style of the CF Village architecture (other fences, railings, sign posts, benches, light fixtures etc.)

Accessability to view:  which design allows for optimal viewing of falls and invites pedestrians to stop and enjoy.



George Washington with added pickets:

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The George Washington Rail offers three (3) rounded/pipe-like horizontal elements (4in) backed by 3/4 in pickets.

  • This option addresses safety concern re: climbing in that it is thought the round horizontal elements would be more difficult for children to climb
  • This option tends to appear more industrial/modern and may not be aesthetically in keeping with the quaint Western Reserve style of historic CF Village
  • This option has acceptable viewing access given the crash test structural requirements and the child safety concerns


Mass Dot SL- TL4 with pickets behind

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The MassDOT offers three (3) squared off/rectangular horizontal elements (4in) backed by 3/4 in pickets.

This option could include:

  • The visually clean, top ledge reminiscent of current railing OR no ledge and a simple bar (square)
  • The ledge option addresses the safety concern in that children would be less able to climb over the top rail
  • This option is in keeping with the aesthetic Western Reserve style in that the rounded elements are not present
  • This option has acceptable viewing access given the crash test structural requirements and the child safety concerns



Texas C2P (with no fin on backside)with pickets visible above/behind the tube/rounded horizontal top railing

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The Texas C2P offers two (2) square horizontal elements with the top rail being rounded.

  • This option could mitigate safety concern in that the top railing is rounded and more difficult to grasp
  • This option offers a mix of rounded and square elements which can be aesthetically busy and hence distracting
  • This option is less in keeping with the village Western Reserve style
  • This option has acceptable viewing access


The FINAL meeting regarding Main St. bridge railing design will be 11/28 @8:30 in Village Hall.

Triangle Park Lighting Of The Greens and Deck The Falls Events

The big tree is up in Triangle Park!

The Chagrin Valley Jaycees Annual Lighting of the Greens ceremony will be on Friday, November 24th at 6:30 pm.

Your HomeTown Chagrin Falls’ Holly Hall at 83 N. Main Street will open the same evening at 6 pm with their new “Deck The Falls” program of events, including visits With Santa, a children’s scavenger hunt, cookies, decorated mini-trees and a large model train display.


Possible Discolored Water Notification for Eastern Service Area

November 15, 2017Due to emergency water main repair, residents who live in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland may experience discolored water over the next couple of days. The water is safe to drink and use as normal, but customers should refrain from doing laundry if they are experiencing discolored water. THERE IS NO BOIL ALERT IN EFFECT.

Potential discoloration of the water would be a result of a 54-inch steel transmission main being shut down for emergency repairs on Highland and Georgetown Rd. in Euclid. Potential discoloration results from iron particles being stirred up to due a sudden change of direction in water flow from having to divert water to supplemental mains within the system. Crews are working to make the repairs and additional crews are monitoring in the field for discoloration.

If the customers notice discoloration, they should contact Cleveland Water’s 24 Hour Emergency Dispatch Line at 216.664.3060.

The following suburbs may be impacted:




Cleveland Heights

East Cleveland

Gates Mills

Highland Heights

Highland Hills

Hunting Valley


Mayfield Heights

Mayfield Village

Moreland Hills

North Randall


Pepper Pike

Richmond Heights

Shaker Heights

South Euclid

University Heights

Warrensville Heights


Chagrin Falls

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