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Pedestrian Signalization To Allow Leading “Walk” Period Soon

The Village of Chagrin Falls will be implementing a pedestrian safety improvement project in the downtown business district.  This project involves upgrading traffic signals to improve visibility of pedestrians in the crosswalk, as well as reduce the conflict potential between pedestrians and motorists.

The signal reprogramming consists of providing the pedestrian with a six-to-eight second head start relative to motorists.  While motorists face a red light, the pedestrian is given the walk signal.  After the head start time, the light will then turn green for motorists.  The goal is to get pedestrians to be mid-way across the street in the crosswalk before traffic is given the green light to proceed.  This system has proven to improve pedestrian visibility and safety.

This signal programming will be installed at four intersections in the downtown district.  These include; North Main Street and Orange Street, North Main Street and Bell Street, North Main Street and Washington Street, and Franklin Street and Washington Street.

This project is scheduled to begin near the end of October and reach completion around the middle of November, 2017.  The project is funded entirely by the Cuyahoga County Supplemental Development Grant (Casino tax funds).

Rob Jamieson

Assistant Executive Officer

Village of Chagrin Falls

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