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2016 Village of Chagrin Falls Charter Ballot Issues

villageseal-350-300x300Upon conclusion of their two month review of the Village charter, the Chagrin Falls Charter Review Commission recommended the following changes to the Village charter. Council voted to approve putting these issues on the ballot. Below is a brief description of the charter amendments that will be on the November 2016 ballot.


  1. Cemetery Board Reporting: This change was recommended to allow the Village Administrator and his staff to enforce the rules and regulations of the cemetery. Under the current arrangement the sexton, street superintendent and Village Administrator have no authority to enforce the cemetery regulations. This change will allow the Cemetery Board to be set up similar to the Parks
  2. Super Majority Funding Protection Proposal: This change would require a five member council supermajority to change the allocation of income tax revenues. All ordinances are currently subject to change by a majority of council, including ordinances passed by the electorate. To provide the voters some additional protection on tax issues they pass, the Mayor recommended this change to require a super majority of Council to change a tax ordinance.
  3. Monthly Meetings of the Planning and Zoning Committee: The Planning Commission is required by the Charter to meet every month whether they have agenda items or not. This change will allow them to meet only when there is a need or applications pending.
  4. Village Council’s review of Board of Zoning Appeals’ recommendations: This amendment will retain council’s role in approving variances but eliminates the automatic referral to council. Any three members of Council will have the ability to bring a variance in front of the full council for a complete hearing. In the event that no petition is filed, the Board of Zoning Appeals action will be final.
  5. Referendum Petitions and determining the number of signatures necessary to put a referendum on the ballot: The current charter allows a referendum petition to go on the ballot with the signatures of 30 registered This amendment will require a number of signatures equal to 5% of the voters who voted for governor in the last election. Based on the 2014 election this change would require 83 signatures.

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