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Water Quality in Chagrin Falls

Water Quality ReportFrom the Mayor’s Office:

I have had some questions from residents regarding the safety of our drinking water and if lead was present in the water. First of all any lead in the water, almost without question, comes from sources within your own home. Lead is rarely, if ever, present in the water at the source and it is regularly check at our water plant.
Lead comes from solder used in copper pipe joints that were put in place prior to 1986. Water pipe solder has not contained lead since 1986. Also, in some of our older homes lead pipes themselves may have been used to connect the house to the underground water main.

Orthophosphate additives are added to the water before it leaves the plant to prevent the water passing through the pipes from leaching lead out of the joint solder or, if present, lead pipes. These Orthophosphate additives are corrosion inhibitors that chemically react with dissolved metals in the water to form a very thin metal-phosphate coating on the inside of the pipes and home plumbing. This film protects the pipes and fixtures from being dissolved into the drinking water.

The Village does test water from various homes in the system as required by the EPA. All of the homes are older, pre 1986 construction, and the results show that most, (90%), of the samples are at or below 2.0 ppb in lead content which is well below the action level. The recommended action level is 15 ppb. This lets us know that our corrosion control methods are working by direct sampling.

There is no need for individuals to test their water but they are welcome to do so if they have concerns. The Village uses an EPA certified lab BIOSOLUTIONS, LLC, 10180 Queens Way #6, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 Phone: 440-708-2999 × Fax: 440-708-2988.

~Mayor William Tomko

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