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Utilities Bills To Be Adjusted

From the Mayor’s Office:

An error has occurred in the application of the November 2015 utility rate increase to your January 2016 utility bill.

It was the previous council and administration’s intent that the rate increase be applied to the quarter billed in January 2016 and subsequent billings. A drafting error occurred in preparing the ordinance. The ordinance as passed by council and signed by Mayor Brick on November 24, 2015 actually only applied to water and sewer usage subsequent to January 1, 2016. Accordingly, all utility users were over charged for water and sewer usage billed with the current January 2016 bill.

To rectify this error, you will be issued a credit for the over charge on your next utility bill mailed to you in April 2016. Anyone who received a “Final Bill” prior to this date will be issued a check refunding the over payment. Due to the utility billing not being on a quarterly calendar basis you will not be charged the new rate until you receive the July 2016 bill. The April billing will be calculated using the old rate.

We are sorry for any confusion this error may have caused you. Your village government wishes to be completely transparent in all matters, and if we make a mistake it will be rectified in a timely manner.

~Mayor William Tomko

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