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Winter Featured Artist: Tan Gillespie


Tan has been an artist all her life. She remembers being intrigued as vines, peacocks and leafy trees appeared by magic as her father leant over the paper spread out on the family dining table, and having to wait while he sketched picturesque scenes on their summer holidays in the English countryside. Art was not considered a steady occupation for girls but in the late seventies moving to the USA provided time and opportunity for study. She became totally absorbed and fascinated by color, water and the landscape. Drawing came easily, painting did not. But the challenge was there. When she wanted to paint boats she became a sailor, and she, and husband Pete, spent several winters on their boat in the Caribbean. She loves outdoor life, has a special interest in landscapes. “Ohio may not have mountains, or a dramatic coastline, but it has a quiet beauty, and constantly changing weather, and plenty of wildlife. I believe in painting locally, and though I love painting new places. I’ll never lack for subjects while living in NE Ohio.”

She is a teacher, and exhibits and sells her paintings nationwide.  You may commission a painting or visit her studio at Contact her by email at

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