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Utilities Bills To Be Adjusted

From the Mayor’s Office:

An error has occurred in the application of the November 2015 utility rate increase to your January 2016 utility bill.

It was the previous council and administration’s intent that the rate increase be applied to the quarter billed in January 2016 and subsequent billings. A drafting error occurred in preparing the ordinance. The ordinance as passed by council and signed by Mayor Brick on November 24, 2015 actually only applied to water and sewer usage subsequent to January 1, 2016. Accordingly, all utility users were over charged for water and sewer usage billed with the current January 2016 bill.

To rectify this error, you will be issued a credit for the over charge on your next utility bill mailed to you in April 2016. Anyone who received a “Final Bill” prior to this date will be issued a check refunding the over payment. Due to the utility billing not being on a quarterly calendar basis you will not be charged the new rate until you receive the July 2016 bill. The April billing will be calculated using the old rate.

We are sorry for any confusion this error may have caused you. Your village government wishes to be completely transparent in all matters, and if we make a mistake it will be rectified in a timely manner.

~Mayor William Tomko

Village Budget Explained: Regionalization In The Fire Department

firedepartmentFrom the Mayor’s Office:

During the recent campaign for Mayor I was asked many times why doesn’t the Village regionalize services and save money. The answer was and is the Village has regionalized all of its services with the exception of road maintenance. I thought it would a good idea to take each department and explain how and the extent that the various departments have regionalized their services.

I will start with the Fire Department.

Our Fire Department responds to Hazardous Material incidents within the Valley and all of our members are certified to basic operations level. In 1990 the need was recognized to provide a more comprehensive response relating to all Hazardous Material incidents. Chagrin Falls joined with many other communities to form The Chagrin/Southeast Hazmat response team. This team consists of 30 specially trained firefighters certified as Hazmat Technicians. The Chagrin/Southeast Hazmat response team is one of 4 special Hazmat teams in the county. They all respond in their respective areas to mitigate all Hazardous Material incidents. These 4 teams collectively form two type 1 Hazmat teams that respond to terrorist attacks within our areas.

By being a member of this regional Hazmat team through shared service agreements the Village has access to the Hillcrest and Heights area special rescue teams. These teams consist of specially training firefighters from the area and respond when requested along with our Fire department to specialized rescue situations within the Valley. With these agreements in place we also have access to the Urban Search and Rescue team from region 2 within the State of Ohio. This team most recently responded to the Intermediate school to build a shoring system under the failing front stairwell and earlier in 2015 responded to a residence on Elm Court to build a shoring system in a residence after flood waters collapsed the foundation wall. The Village of Chagrin Falls receives regional response from 4 highly specialized teams consisting of over 100 trained firefighters in our area including 6 Firefighters from Chagrin Falls.

What does this cost our Village? $3500.00 dollars per year – a very cost effective means to assure Chagrin Falls maintains a high skill level and insures our community is protected and ready to respond should an emergency arise.

I look forward to passing on additional cost efficiencies related to our Fire Department and other Village services.

Mayor Bill Tomko

Change to Rules for Door-to-Door Sales and Canvassing


On January 25″, Chagrin Falls Village Council amended Chapter 711 of the Codified Ordinances. The new ordinance now permits someone to go door-to-door for commercial purposes; the previous ordinance only allowed door-to door solicitation for non profits and charitable organizations. This change became necessary due to case law regarding First Amendment rights.

You should be made aware that the village had to allow peddling and canvassing later than 8 PM, thus the new ordinance permits a person to peddle or canvass “between the hours of 9:00 AM and the later of sunset or 9:00 PM.” Anyone who does not want any peddlers or canvassers coming to their home should acquire a “NO SOLICITOR” sign and post it at the entrance to their home. The new law prohibits peddlers or canvassers from knocking on your door when the sign is clearly displayed.

The new ordinance states that “No person may peddle within the village without holding a valid license issued by the Chief of Police.” There are certain restrictions and exceptions that apply to the application process.

You can review the ordinance, Chapter 711; Canvassers, Peddlers and Solicitors, in its entirety on the village web site:

James T. Brosius

Chief of Police

Winter Featured Artist: Tan Gillespie


Tan has been an artist all her life. She remembers being intrigued as vines, peacocks and leafy trees appeared by magic as her father leant over the paper spread out on the family dining table, and having to wait while he sketched picturesque scenes on their summer holidays in the English countryside. Art was not considered a steady occupation for girls but in the late seventies moving to the USA provided time and opportunity for study. She became totally absorbed and fascinated by color, water and the landscape. Drawing came easily, painting did not. But the challenge was there. When she wanted to paint boats she became a sailor, and she, and husband Pete, spent several winters on their boat in the Caribbean. She loves outdoor life, has a special interest in landscapes. “Ohio may not have mountains, or a dramatic coastline, but it has a quiet beauty, and constantly changing weather, and plenty of wildlife. I believe in painting locally, and though I love painting new places. I’ll never lack for subjects while living in NE Ohio.”

She is a teacher, and exhibits and sells her paintings nationwide.  You may commission a painting or visit her studio at Contact her by email at

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