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Chagrin Falls Economic Development Committee: 2014 Report To Council

The Mayor’s Economic Development Advisory Board was formed in March, 2006.  Its mission is:

“The Economic Development Boards objective shall be to improve vitality of the Village Business Community by addressing business community goals and strategies, business retention, business attraction, and business property development and to maintain residential property values.”

Current members are:

Dick Kaplan, Nancy Rogoff, Steve Patton, Thomas Brick, Joanne Zettl, Charlie Marotta, Kathleen Visconsi, Lydia Champlin, Marc Benson, and Elizabeth Hijar.

The Board meets quarterly.  There are three focuses:

  • To encourage sensible redevelopment within the Village.
  • To improve the vitality of Village businesses by encouraging programs to retain and attract business to our community.
  • To recommend and implement programs to maintain residential property values.


  • Continuing to encourage the successful re-developments of River Walk, Spillway and Falls Walk.
  • Provided several options for the possible redevelopment of the Philomethian Street School.
  • Providing input on various issues affecting the Village including collaborative projects, doing business in the Village and replacing the loss of inheritance taxes.


  • Help address funding for short term and long term Capital improvements Programs.
  • Help address short term and long term General Fund stability.
  • Help address improvements in parking & safety issues.
  • Continue to encourage the attraction and retention of businesses and address issues that maintain residential property values.
  • Continue to encourage redevelopment including River Walk, Falls Walk, Spillway and Marios Spa.
  • Help address steps that would better maintain the Village character.

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