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Archive | November, 2014

Solon Road Surface Water Improvements Project Completed

Tim Lannon, PE, Village Engineer


The Village recently completed the Solon Road Stormwater Improvements Project funded through a $73,000 Surface Water Improvement Fund (SWIF) grant received from the Ohio EPA. The project is located along River Run path between Monticello Drive and the Village service garage. The project included the installation of a permeable concrete berm on the east side of the road which allows water to flow down through the concrete instead of running off over the surface. The permeable pavement sections are designed to collect and clean the polluted runoff from the road and help solve some of the flooding and erosion that happens along the roadway by letting water soak into the ground naturally instead of ponding on the surface.

On the west side of the roadway, the project included the installation of a series of infiltration swales which lead to a bioretention cell in River Run Park. This bioretention cell was designed to capture polluted stormwater runoff and let it soak into the ground. The vegetated swales and bioretention cell clean and filter stormwater runoff through soil and microbial activity, and reduce runoff through infiltration and uptake by the plants. The water that doesn’t soak into the ground below is slowly released to the nearby Chagrin River. The result is the improvement of the water quality of the river and flooding and erosion problems resulting from too much water running over impervious surfaces like roads.

A public tour of the improvements will be held on Friday, November 14, 2014 at noon. Please meet in the River Run Park parking lot. For more information regarding the project or the tour, contact Debbie Carter 440-247-5050.

Leaf Pickup Update 11-05-2014

The leaf truck has finished the second pass through the village.  This was a slower transit through town due to the large volume of leaves at each house.  The third pass has begun in the south of the village.  Here’s the current map:

Leaf Update 11-6-14