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Angela DeBernardo

Council Representative

Angela DeBernardo was appointed to Council on January 23, 2017 to replace Tom Muscenti, who resigned in December 2016.  Her term will end December 2017.   She serves on the Administration and Compensation, Finance and Facilities Committees.  You can contact her via Facebook, email or phone with your concerns.

Janis Evans

Council Representative

Erinn Grube

Council Representative

Julia Lipp

Council Representative

Karl Maersch

Council President

Karl Maersch serves on the Finance and Safety committees and represents Council on the Firemen’s Dependency Board and the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Jim Newell

Council Representative

James Newell serves on the Finance, Safety and Utilities committees and represents Council on the Parking Commission.

Nancy Rogoff

President Pro-Tem

Nancy Rogoff serves on the Facilities and Services, Streets & Sidewalks, and Utilities committees and represents Council on the Planning and Zoning Commission.


Latest Agenda

2019-01-14 Council Agenda

Minutes Archive

2018-10-8 Council Minutes0.5 MiB84
2018-09-24-Council-Minutes0.7 MiB148
2018-09-10 Council Minutes0.4 MiB140
2018-08-27-Council-Minutes0.4 MiB122
2018-08-13-Council-Minutes0.8 MiB139
2018-07-23-Council-Minutes0.5 MiB130
2018-07-09-Council-Minutes0.4 MiB133
2018-06-25-Council-Minutes0.6 MiB133
2018-06-11 Council Minutes0.7 MiB149
2018-05-14 Council Minutes.pdf0.9 MiB203
2018-04-09 Council Minutes0.5 MiB190
2018-03-26 Council Minutes0.4 MiB158
2018-03-12 Council Minutes0.4 MiB161
2018-02-26 Council Minutes0.8 MiB209
2018-02-12 Council Minutes0.6 MiB213
2018-01-22 Council Minutes1.0 MiB194
2018-01-08 Council Minutes0.6 MiB185
2017-12-11 Council Minutes0.7 MiB188
2017-11-27 Council Minutes0.5 MiB187
2017-11-13 Council Minutes0.6 MiB189
2017-10-23 Council Minutes0.5 MiB181
2017-10-23 Council Minutes0.5 MiB280
2017-09-25 Council Minutes1.1 MiB359
2017-09-11 Council Minutes0.6 MiB342
2017-08-28 Council Minutes0.7 MiB285
2017-08-14 Council Minutes0.6 MiB214
2017-07-24 Council Minutes0.4 MiB156
2017-07-10 Council Minutes0.5 MiB268
2017-07-10 Council Minutes0.5 MiB152
2017-06-26 Council Minutes0.3 MiB162
2017-06-26 Council Minutes0.3 MiB231
2017-06-12 Council Minutes0.5 MiB227
2017-05-22 Council Minutes0.8 MiB244
2017-05-08 Council Minutes0.6 MiB368
2017-04-24 Council Minutes0.4 MiB322
2017-04-10 Council Minutes0.3 MiB255
2017-03-27 Council Minutes0.4 MiB336
2017-01-24 Council Minutes86 KiB318
2017-01-23 Council Minutes0.4 MiB359
2017-01-12 Council Minutes60 KiB319
2017-01-09 Council Minutes0.3 MiB336
2017-01-02 Council Minutes (Organizational)0.3 MiB275
2016-12-12 Council Minutes0.8 MiB269
2016-11-07 Council Minutes23 KiB393
2016-10-24 Council Minutes31 KiB283
2016-10-10 Council Minutes0.3 MiB331
2016-09-12 Council Minutes45 KiB365
2016-08-22 Council Minutes0.2 MiB332
2016-08-22 Council Minutes21 KiB368
2016-08-18 Council Minutes68 KiB289
2016-08-16 Council Minutes12 KiB311
2016-08-08 Council Minutes0.6 MiB337
2016-08-08 Council Minutes46 KiB381
2016-07-25 Council Minutes29 KiB355
2016-07-11 Council Minutes81 KiB308
2016-07-11 Council Minutes81 KiB371
2016-06-13 Council Minutes57 KiB288
2016-06-13 Council Minutes57 KiB369
2016-05-23 Council Minutes0.7 MiB362
2016-05-23 Council Minutes55 KiB387
2016-05-09 Council Minutes36 KiB366
2016-04-25-Council-Minutes29 KiB308
2016-03-28-Council-Minutes0.3 MiB366
2016-03-14-Council-Minutes0.3 MiB305
2016-02-22 Council Minutes26 KiB346
2016-02-08 Council Minutes39 KiB349
2016-01-25 Council Minutes31 KiB326
2016-01-04 Council Minutes18 KiB326
2015-12-14 Council Minutes33 KiB404
2015-11-23 Council Minutes0.5 MiB280
2015-11-13 Council Minutes40 KiB394
2015-11-09 Council Minutes0.3 MiB272
2015-11-09 Council Minutes28 KiB416
2015-10-26 Council Minutes29 KiB388
2015-10-12 Council Minutes34 KiB384
2015-09-28 Council Minutes38 KiB395
2015-09-14 Council Minutes34 KiB407
2015-08-10 Council Minutes34 KiB381
2015-07-27 Council Minutes30 KiB423
2015-06-22 Council Minutes36 KiB407
2015-05-18 Council Minutes24 KiB446
2015-05-11 Council Minutes49 KiB408
2015-04-27 Council Minutes0.2 MiB400
2015-04-13 Council Minutes0.2 MiB416
2015-03-23 Council Minutes29 KiB440
2015-03-09 Council Minutes33 KiB434
2015-01-26 Council Minutes29 KiB440
2015-01-12 Council Minutes0.2 MiB373
2015-01-02 Council Minutes16 KiB428
2014-12-08 Council Minutes33 KiB410
2014-11-24 Council Minutes29 KiB412
2014-11-10 Council Minutes38 KiB392
2014-10-27 Council Minutes38 KiB404
2014-10-13 Council Minutes42 KiB439
2014-08-25 Council Minutes37 KiB465
2014-08-11 Council Minutes0.2 MiB444
2014-07-14 Council Minutes0.3 MiB406
2014-06-09 Council Minutes33 KiB551
2014-05-12 Council Minutes61 KiB417
2014-04-28 Council Minutes35 KiB474
2014-04-14 Council Minutes0.2 MiB442
2014-03-24 Council Minutes0.5 MiB416
2014-03-10 Council Minutes0.1 MiB431
2014-02-24 Council Minutes0.1 MiB419
2014-02-10 Council Minutes0.1 MiB469
2014-01-27 Council Minutes35 KiB450
2014-01-13 Council Minutes36 KiB419
2013-12-09 Council Minutes39 KiB435
2013-11-25 Council Minutes24 KiB438
2013-11-11 Council Minutes0.1 MiB427
2013-10-28 Council Minutes0.2 MiB434
2013-10-14 Council Minutes37 KiB446
2013-09-23 Council Minutes0.4 MiB414
2013-08-26 Council Minutes0.2 MiB409
2013-08-12 Council Minutes64 KiB430
2013-07-08 Council Minutes17 KiB455
2013-06-24 Council Minutes0.2 MiB400
2013-06-10 Council Minutes36 KiB427
2013-05-13 Council Minutes31 KiB535
2013-04-22 Council Minutes28 KiB436
2013-04-08 Council Minutes0.3 MiB415
2013-03-25 Council Minutes19 KiB438
2013-03-18 Council Minutes (Special Meeting)0.3 MiB391
2013-03-11 Council Minutes0.3 MiB410
2013-02-25 Council MInutes0.1 MiB426
2013-02-11 Council Minutes0.2 MiB423
2013-01-28 Council Minutes0.2 MiB397
2013-01-14 Council Minutes0.3 MiB426
2013-01-02 Council Meeting Organizational70 KiB417
2012-12-10 Council Minutes0.2 MiB432
2012-11-26 Council Minutes0.2 MiB425
2012-11-12 Council Minutes0.3 MiB395
2012-10-22 Council Minutes0.2 MiB407
2012-10-08 Council Minutes0.8 MiB431
2012-09-24 Council Minutes0.3 MiB410
2012-08-13 Council Minutes0.3 MiB403
2012-07-23 Council Minutes0.3 MiB408
2012-07-09 Council Minutes0.2 MiB410
2012-06-11 Council Minutes0.2 MiB407
2012-05-14 Council Minutes0.2 MiB397
2012-04-23 Council Minutes0.2 MiB580
2012-04-09 Council Minutes0.2 MiB447
2012-03-26 Council Minutes0.2 MiB444
2012-03-12 Council Minutes0.2 MiB434
2012-02-27 Council Minutes0.3 MiB460
2012-01-23 Council Minutes0.2 MiB449
2012-01-09 Council Minutes15 KiB432
2012-01-02 Council Minutes Organizational Meeting80 KiB424
2011-12-12 Council MInutes0.5 MiB413
2011-11-28 Council Minutes0.3 MiB415
2011-11-14 Council Minutes0.3 MiB416
2011-10-24 Council Minutes0.2 MiB465
2011-10-10 Council Minutes0.1 MiB426
2011-09-26 Council Minutes0.3 MiB411
2011-08-08 Council Minutes0.5 MiB454
2011-07-11 Council Minutes0.2 MiB442
2011-06-27 Council Minutes0.3 MiB424
2011-06-13 Council Minutes0.2 MiB434
2011-05-23 Council Minutes0.3 MiB422
2011-05-09 Council Minutes0.4 MiB406
2011-04-25 Council Minutes0.2 MiB434
2011-04-11 Council Minutes0.1 MiB430
2011-03-28 Council Minutes0.3 MiB423
2011-03-14 Council Minutes0.2 MiB398
2011-02-28 Council Minutes0.5 MiB421
2011-02-14 Council Minutes0.2 MiB425
2011-01-24 Council Minutes0.3 MiB668
2011-01-10 Council Minutes0.2 MiB445
2011-01-03 Council Minutes Organizational Meeting67 KiB433

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