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Mayor Thomas Brick, 2013

Mayor Thomas Brick, 2013
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Mayoral Message – January 27, 2014

Mayor Brick said I want Council to know that in the effort to address our ability to fund longer term capital improvement needs, that is primarily roads, our staff is updating all categories of capital needs for the next five to fifteen years and this will take a couple of months.

Mayor Brick said Chief Brosius will be contacting the parking commission shortly for approval of a plan to increase parking enforcement.

Mayor Brick said I think all has gone well in our move of the dispatch center to the Bedford Medical Center and the operation seems, honestly, better than ever.

Mayor Brick said I want to recognize the work of police officer Bill Horton, who is retiring from service this Wednesday. He has been with the village for many years.

Mayoral Message – January 13, 2014
Mayor Brick said I am sure you are all as pleased as I am that our general fund finished 2013 ahead of budget and I assume that we will be reviewing the details of 2013 results prior to our next meeting.  Mayor Brick said I hope everybody has had a chance to review our major priorities for 2014 and of course realizing that they could change as we get into the year.
Mayor Brick said in 2013 over a dozen residents received very substantial architectural advice at no cost to them from the Heritage Home Program, which helps maintain the character of our village. He said I particularly want to thank the Historical Society and Your Home Town for having funded the $2,500 fee last year and for funding half of that fee this year. The program seems to be pretty vital and they get a lot of inquiries. They have a few loans but my understanding is that most of the program is architectural advice to homeowners who are looking to improve their homes.
Mayor Brick said AT&T sent out a note a couple of weeks ago but I want to remind everybody that AT&T is planning to invest in a fiber-optic network in our village and they want to do it this year. This will give our residents some very interesting entertainment and business alternatives such as U-Verse services, which are quite different. The one that caught my attention with U-Verse is that you can put your television anywhere in your house that you want. You don’t have to connect to anything; it is all done wireless.  That is just one of the options that our residents will have.
Mayor Brick said I am pleased to inform you that our new state-of-the-art dispatch center is under budget and on schedule. It will officially open this Wednesday.

Mayoral Message – December 9, 2013

Mayor Brick announced his appointments to the following Boards and Commissions:
Architectural Review Board
George Clemens Re-Appointment
Planning and Zoning Commission
Dixie Touzalin Re-Appointment
Parks Commission
Tod White Re-Appointment
Arts Commission
Don Edelman Re-Appointment
Parking Commission
Susan White Re-Appointment
Board of Zoning Appeals
Dori Loomis Re-Appointment
Architectural Review Board
Steven King Re-Appointment
Moved by Mr. Patton, seconded by Mrs. Evans to confirm Mayor Brick’s appointments.  Carried. Ayes: Evans, Herdman, Holdren, Lutz, Newell, Patton, Subel. Nays: None.
Mayor Brick said, as requested by a letter from Medical Mutual, I did confirm that the village wishes to keep its current medical insurance policy for employees.  Mayor Brick reminded everyone that Holly Hall will continue to be open through December 23, 2013.
Mayor Brick wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Mayoral Message – November 25, 2013

Mayor Brick said I really am pleased to announce that the grand opening of our new dispatch center at the Bedford Medical Center will take place on December 4, 2013. After a transition period we are expecting that we will be doing all of the dispatch calls from the state-of-the-art Bedford site after about January 15, 2013. I have been told it is the most complete and well equipped dispatch center in Northeast Ohio and next year our costs should be lower than they were this year.  Mayor Brick said we will have one last leaf collection, hopefully next week, before our trucks are converted to snow plows.  Mayor Brick said there has been a misunderstanding with the Valley Art Center mural with respect to our sign code. I am pleased to announce that we are now productively working together and we are trying to stimulate the artistic talent of the Valley Art Center people to design a really first class painting of their sidewall. We do expect that this will take some time and it should be something that hopefully we can all be very proud of. We will be reviewing our sign code to see what extent we can clarify them with respect to murals and public art.  None of that will take place quickly and that is in dependent of our working together with the Valley Art Center to make sure they do have outstanding signage and a lovely side wall.  Mayor Brick said the annual Lighting of the Greens will take place this Friday at 6:45 p.m.  Mayor Brick said don’t forget that Holly Hall with Santa Claus and many gifts, cookies, and cocoa will be open this Saturday, November 30, 2013  at 11:00 a.m. until December 23, 2013.  Mayor Brick said Merry Christmas to everybody.


Mayoral Message – November 11, 2013

On behalf of the Mayor, Mrs. Evans thanked the voters for the passage of the renewal tax levy.  She said we really appreciate the support of the voters on that.

Mayoral Message – October 14, 2013

Mayor Brick reported on the upcoming 5.5 mill General Fund renewal levy that will be on the ballot November 5, 2013. He emphasized that this is a needed renewal and it will not increase property taxes. He said please vote yes for Issue 27.

Mayor Brick said we are hoping that the re-paving of Solon Road, in three layers, will be completed in the next several weeks. However, if there is a weather problem the feeling is that the final layer would certainly be completed early next year.

Mayor Brick reported that leaf collection started today and should continue through about November 22, 2013. You can get some sense of when your street pickup will be by going to the village website. They can never say exactly when because of the weather.

Mayor Brick said the Chagrin Falls Schools are having a public meeting on their strategic planning efforts Tuesday, October 22, 2013 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the performing art center.

Mayor Brick said I would just like to remind anyone who might be involved with rolling pumpkins that there is no such event sanctioned by the village or the school district or any parental group. I would urge anyone who is so inclined to get involved to be aware of their own safety, others safety, and particularly to avoid any illegal actions.

Mayor Brick announced that Trick-or-Treat will be held on Thursday, October 31, 2013 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. He said the Haunted Fire House will be open at the same time.

Mayoral Message – September 23, 2013

No report.

Mayoral Message – August 26, 2013

Mayor Brick said he like a motion to appoint Vince Shuster to the vacancy on the Income Tax Review Board. Moved by Mr. Patton, seconded by Mrs. Evans to confirm the Mayor’s appointment of Vince Shuster to the Income Tax Review Board. Carried. Ayes: Evans, Herdman, Holdren, Lutz, Newell, Patton, Subel. Nays: None.

Mayor Brick said the county consultants will conduct a meeting on September 3rd to review the options in the merger shared services study that they are conducting that we are participating in with Pepper Pike, Orange, Moreland Hills, and Woodmere. We are hoping to receive the final recommendations this Fall but they are moving ahead with their data and their recommendations.

Mayor Brick said I hope everybody will be able to attend Murder by the Falls on either September 6th or September 7th.

Mayoral Message – August 12, 2013

Mayor Brick said I would like to request Council to approve a motion appointing Jason Fischer as a village police officer. Moved by Mrs. Evans, seconded by Mr. Holdren that officer Jason Fischer is now a police officer, confirming the Mayor’s appointment. Carried. Ayes: Evans, Herdman, Holdren, Newell, Patton, Subel. Nays: None.

Mayor Brick said with the appointment of Justin Herdman to Council, we now have a vacancy on the Income Tax Review Board. So, I am looking for nominations, volunteers for a citizen to become a member of the Income Tax Review Board and you can just let me know or email it into the office.

Mayor Brick said I want to give you a very brief update on the progress of our new dispatch center. The program to equip our new dispatch center at the University Heights Bedford Medical Center is on schedule and it should be operational before the end of the year. The dispatch council received an additional grant of about $330,000 from the county to help reduce the member costs for the state-of-the-art equipment that we are able to put into this. Really it is going to be the outstanding dispatch center in the county. We are also just about to bring on another new member, Highland Hills. We have other communities that are talking to us about also joining us. So, there seems to be a fair number of communities and this is going to make the entire operation more efficient, less expensive, and really maintain and improve the safety that we have from this operation. It is pretty positive at the moment.

Mayor Brick said we are engaged in gathering information that will hopefully improve our village parking situation. We are trying to pull everything together before we go the parking commission so that they have options and data so they can begin to address possible improvements in that area.

Mayor Brick said I hope you’ll all be going to this year’s Murder by the Falls. Chief Brosius and I were at rehearsal tonight and we are both cast members.

Mayor Brick said our next village shredding event will be on Saturday, September 28, 2013between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. at the intermediate school parking lot on Philomethian. We are co-sponsoring this event with Bentleyville.


Mayoral Message – July 08, 2013

Mayor Brick said I hope everybody got their copy of the suggested major village priorities for the next three months. If you have any suggestions at any time please let me know because we can always modify our priorities.

Mayor Brick said remember that the merchant sidewalk sale begins Thursday, July 25, 2013 and the first Chautauqua in Chagrin event is actually tomorrow evening, so I hope as many of you can make it as possible.


Mayoral Message – June 24, 2013

Mayor Brick said I have good news to announce that the State has completed their audit of our years 2011 and 2012 and that we have received an unqualified opinion of approval. I want to thank Dave Bloom for keeping such accurate financial records for us.

Mayor Brick said ouf renewal levy legislation has been filed with the Board of Elections and the tax renewal issue will appear on the November ballot. And, again, this is a renewal with absolutely no increase in our residents taxes.

Mayor Brick said I don’t know if any of you used Solon Road today, but starting today the water replacement project on Solon Road began and it will be concluded before the end of August. They are targeting the 23“1 of August but certainly before the end of August During the first half of the project traffic will be restricted to local access only. It will be in both directions between Monticello and Miles Road. During the second half of the project the local access will be permitted northbound only and detour routes ‘will be posted. Clearly, there are going to be some traffic delays but they are working very hard to keep them to a minimum. After the waterline replacement is complete the re-paving of Solon Road is scheduled for either late Summer or early Fall. It is one of our bumpiest routes but hopefully by Fall it will be a nice road coming in with a new waterline and improved storm sewer effectiveness.

Mayor Brick said I hope to see you all Thursday nights for the concerts in Triangle Park and at the July 9th opening of the Chautauqua in Chagrin Program.

Mayoral Reports are presented at each meeting.