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Parks Commission

A view across Riverside Park in downtown Chagrin Falls

About The Parks Commission

The Parks Commission makes recommendations on the use and development of our parks and greenspace including: 

  • Riverside Park
  • Bell Street Park
  • Falls Viewing Area
  • Triangle Park
  • River Run Park
  • Founders Field
  • Vincent Street Arboretum
  • Franklin Park

All requests to use the parks for public events must be presented to the Parks Commission for approval.

Parks Commission Members

Anne Wombwell deConingh, Chair 440-247-7448
Greta Insolia 440-247-6722
Erinn Grube, Council Representative
Tod White 440-247-3644

Minutes Archive

2017-11-14 Parks Minutes26 KiB20
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2017-09-26 Parks Minutes33 KiB117
2017-09-11 Parks Minutes77 KiB73
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2017-08-22 Parks Minutes26 KiB10
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2017-07-25 Parks Minutes0.1 MiB12
2017-07-25 Parks Minutes0.1 MiB82
2017-06-27 Parks Minutes40 KiB9
2017-06-27 Parks Minutes45 KiB54
2017-03-21 Parks Minutes33 KiB84
2016-10 Parks Commission Minutes52 KiB144
2016-05-17 Parks Minutes52 KiB224
2016-04 Parks Minutes53 KiB221
2016-02-23 Parks Commission Meeting Notes50 KiB222
2016-01 Parks Commission Meeting Minutes48 KiB254
2015-11-24 Parks Minutes45 KiB207
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2014-08 Parks Minutes42 KiB214
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