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The Committee of the Whole is a committee meeting of the entire council.  Meetings are called on an as needed basis when an issue is before Council that requires the deliberation of the entire Council.

John R. Mitchell

Council Member
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Minutes Archive

2017-04-20 COTW Minutes0.3 MiB30
2016-05-31 COTW Minutes38 KiB170
2015-05-18 COTW Minutes13 KiB205
2015-04-27 COTW Minutes11 KiB170
2015-04-13 COTW Minutes11 KiB159
2015-03-16 COTW Minutes13 KiB175
2015-03-10 COTW Minutes12 KiB170
2014-12-08 COTW Minutes13 KiB180
2014-11-10 COTW Minutes61 KiB177
2014-06-17 COTW Minutes13 KiB184
2014-06-09 COTW Minutes(2)13 KiB174
2014-06-09 COTW Minutes(1)13 KiB187
2014-05-20 COTW Minutes13 KiB160
2014-05-13 COTW Minutes14 KiB182
2014-05-06 COTW Minutes13 KiB168
2014-04-28 COTW Minutes17 KiB182
2013-05-13 COTW Minutes8 KiB156
2013-03-25 COTW Minutes5 KiB171
2013-02-25 Committee Of The Whole Minutes18 KiB155
2013-02-11 Committee Of The Whole Minutes17 KiB152
2013-01-28 Committee Of The Whole Minutes0.2 MiB161
2012 Committee Of The Whole Minutes0.5 MiB161
2011 Committee Of The Whole Minutes0.1 MiB167