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Committee of the Whole

The Committee of the Whole is a committee meeting of the entire council.  Meetings are called on an as needed basis when an issue is before Council that requires the deliberation of the entire Council.

Brett Berkobein

Council Representative
Home 317 Hickory Hill Road Chagrin Falls OH 44022 Cell Phone: 216-372-7710
Home 324 Bell Street Chagrin Falls OH 44022 Cell Phone: 440-991-6488

Janna Lutz

Council Representative
Cell Phone: 440-552-3329
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Karl Maersch

Council President
Cell Phone: 440-468-9130
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John R. Mitchell

Council Member
Home 380 Bell Street Chagrin Falls OH 44022 Home Phone: 440-247-2604 Cell Phone: 216-408-1350

Jim Newell

Council Representative
Home Phone: 440-247-5751 Cell Phone: 216-225-4623
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Nancy Rogoff

President Pro-Tem
Home 17 Water Street Chagrin Falls OH 44022 Home Phone: 440-247-1452 Cell Phone: 216-402-6687

Minutes Archive

2017-04-20 COTW Minutes326.9 KiB5
2016-05-31 COTW Minutes38.3 KiB159
2015-05-18 COTW Minutes13.1 KiB173
2015-04-27 COTW Minutes11.5 KiB151
2015-04-13 COTW Minutes11.5 KiB141
2015-03-16 COTW Minutes12.6 KiB156
2015-03-10 COTW Minutes12.2 KiB155
2014-12-08 COTW Minutes13.4 KiB163
2014-11-10 COTW Minutes60.9 KiB159
2014-06-17 COTW Minutes12.6 KiB164
2014-06-09 COTW Minutes(2)12.7 KiB153
2014-06-09 COTW Minutes(1)12.6 KiB168
2014-05-20 COTW Minutes12.7 KiB139
2014-05-13 COTW Minutes14.0 KiB160
2014-05-06 COTW Minutes13.0 KiB152
2014-04-28 COTW Minutes16.7 KiB163
2013-05-13 COTW Minutes7.7 KiB138
2013-03-25 COTW Minutes5.1 KiB146
2013-02-25 Committee Of The Whole Minutes18.1 KiB136
2013-02-11 Committee Of The Whole Minutes17.5 KiB136
2013-01-28 Committee Of The Whole Minutes166.8 KiB144
2012 Committee Of The Whole Minutes498.0 KiB145
2011 Committee Of The Whole Minutes129.6 KiB152