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Committee of the Whole

The Committee of the Whole is a committee meeting of the entire council.  Meetings are called on an as needed basis when an issue is before Council that requires the deliberation of the entire Council.

Angela DeBernardo

Council Representative

Angela DeBernardo was appointed to Council on January 23, 2017 to replace Tom Muscenti, who resigned in December 2016.  Her term will end December 2017.   She serves on the Administration and Compensation, Finance and Facilities Committees.  You can contact her via Facebook, email or phone with your concerns.

Janis Evans

Council Representative

Erinn Grube

Council Representative

Julia Lipp

Council Representative

Karl Maersch

Council President

Karl Maersch serves on the Finance and Safety committees and represents Council on the Firemen’s Dependency Board and the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Jim Newell

Council Representative

James Newell serves on the Finance, Safety and Utilities committees and represents Council on the Parking Commission.

Nancy Rogoff

President Pro-Tem

Nancy Rogoff serves on the Facilities and Services, Streets & Sidewalks, and Utilities committees and represents Council on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Minutes Archive

2018-03-05 COTW Minutes14 KiB102
2017-04-20 COTW Minutes0.3 MiB261
2016-05-31 COTW Minutes38 KiB346
2015-05-18 COTW Minutes13 KiB437
2015-04-27 COTW Minutes11 KiB387
2015-04-13 COTW Minutes11 KiB367
2015-03-16 COTW Minutes13 KiB403
2015-03-10 COTW Minutes12 KiB384
2014-12-08 COTW Minutes13 KiB401
2014-11-10 COTW Minutes61 KiB406
2014-06-17 COTW Minutes13 KiB402
2014-06-09 COTW Minutes(2)13 KiB381
2014-06-09 COTW Minutes(1)13 KiB397
2014-05-20 COTW Minutes13 KiB365
2014-05-13 COTW Minutes14 KiB391
2014-05-06 COTW Minutes13 KiB381
2014-04-28 COTW Minutes17 KiB416
2013-05-13 COTW Minutes8 KiB374
2013-03-25 COTW Minutes5 KiB377
2013-02-25 Committee Of The Whole Minutes18 KiB363
2013-02-11 Committee Of The Whole Minutes17 KiB372
2013-01-28 Committee Of The Whole Minutes0.2 MiB367
2012 Committee Of The Whole Minutes0.5 MiB371
2011 Committee Of The Whole Minutes0.1 MiB388

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