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Public Notice: Mr. Excavator To Begin Walters Road Construction

Please be advised that the week of April 26, 2018 weather permitting; Mr. Excavator will be implementing a road closure and detour on the local Walters Rd.  Drive access will be maintained to residents who live in the work area. Expect short delays during construction.

The project includes installation of water main and appurtenances including valves, hydrants, and service connections; replacement of sanitary sewer and sanitary lateral connections; replacement of catch basins and catch basin connections to storm sewer main; full pavement reconstruction including new curb, apron replacement, and new sidewalk on the north side of the road; sanitary sewer replacement and pump station abandonment on the south end of Hickory Hill Road.

Please provide location information if you have any of the following within the construction limits.

  • Underground Pet Fencing
  • Lawn Sprinklers
  • Yard Lighting
  • Wiring
  • Any other Underground Facilities.

Feel free to contact Dan Bonham with CT Consultants at (440-530-2257) or the Village of Chagrin Falls Streets Department at (440-247-5053) with any questions or concerns.

Spring Cleaning? What To Do With Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent tube bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) are not accepted by the service department. Residents can recycle CFL bulbs (small, twisty bulbs) for free at any Home Depot or Lowe’s store. Other types of bulbs, fluorescent tubes, can be recycled at any Batteries Plus Bulbs retail locations. See also

Batteries Plus Bulbs

Mayfield Heights, OH · (440) 459-0212

Batteries Plus Bulbs

Macedonia, OH · (330) 510-5215


Walters Rd – Village Capital Improvement Program

An update from your Streets & Sidewalks Committee

The Walters Road Reconstruction Project is scheduled to start the week of April 16th and conclude in mid-October. As part of the Village Capital Improvement Program, the work will involve replacing the sanitary sewer system, replacing the water main, removing the Hickory Hill sanitary sewer pump station, reconstruction of Walters Road, and the addition of sidewalks on the north side of Walters from the Village line to Bell Street.  

For the duration of this project, Walters Road will be one way with all traffic flowing north bound, leaving the village. Due to the size of the equipment, width of the road and scope of the project, please be prepared to expect delays and consider alternative routes. CFEVSD Transportation, Russell and South Russell Police Departments have all been made aware of the project and changes to the traffic pattern.

The Village Council awarded the contract for this project to Mr Excavator. They will be working 4 x 10-hour days which provides flexibility to make up weather delays. Residents are advised that there will be occasional interruption of water services due to the water line replacement and notices will be provided in advance.

Streets and Sidewalks Meeting Announced for Greenbriar Development

There will be a public meeting on April 19, 2018 at 8 pm at Village Hall in Council Chambers to discuss the plans to address storm water management needs in the Greenbriar development.  The plan to be discussed is meant to address two issues; eliminating the stormwater run-off and pooling in yards and to manage the stormwater in a manner that enhances the street view of the neighborhood.



The Village of Chagrin Falls would like to invite the community to the annual Arbor Day Ceremony on SATURDAY, APRIL 21st at 10:00 a.m. at Riverside Park on North Main Street.  Arbor Day is an international event held to commemorate the importance of trees in our communities.

This event will feature the planting of several smaller trees and shrubs which will provide year-round beauty in the area by the playground.  An informative program from the Chagrin Falls Shade Tree Commission on tree planting will be presented. The session will cover preparing the planting site, selecting shrubs and trees for the proper planting area, and caring for your new plantings.  All residents and interested persons are welcome to attend.

See you there!

Please Bag Your Spring Yard Debris


The last day of Leaf Collection was December 5, 2017.

At this time, please put your leaves in bags or in your refuse cart for collection, or have your landscaper remove them. The Village does not pick up any remaining leaves in the spring.


Thank You!

John Brockway

2018 Holiday Tree Recycling

The Chagrin Falls Street Department offers curbside collection of holiday trees from all
residences in the Village. Collection dates will be on Monday, January 8th and
Monday, January 22nd weather permitting.

Please place holiday trees on the tree lawn for collection, after removing ALL
decorations. No decorated or artificial trees will be accepted. Trees collected will be
ground up and recycled as mulch.

Contact the Street Department at (440) 247-5053 with any questions.

Leaf Pickup Final Round For 2017

Please have your leaves out by Sunday December 3rd. The Street Department will make there final trip around the Village starting Monday December 4th., on the South End  working towards the North End. If you miss the cut off date you can bag them or put them in your Trash Totter for Kimble to pickup.


John Brockway

Streets Superintendent

Leaf Collection Update: Friday November 3rd

The third round of leaf collection began today in the south end of town.  The Streets Department team expects to complete Solon Road through Olive Street on Friday, and start from there moving north on Monday November 6th.



New Leaf Collection Team On Second Pass Through Village

Leaves are being collected by a new machine this year.  The new trailer has an extended hose for street side collection, which makes it possible to operate with only two street department staffers instead of four, as a raking team is no longer required to move the leaves closer to the curb.

The leaf collection team is on its second pass through town, moving from the south end of the village to the north. The historic district was completed on Friday.

The village anticipates completing four passes of leaf collection through the village as long as  weather permits.  Last year, fair weather allowed for six passes.

Pedestrian Signalization To Allow Leading “Walk” Period Soon

The Village of Chagrin Falls will be implementing a pedestrian safety improvement project in the downtown business district.  This project involves upgrading traffic signals to improve visibility of pedestrians in the crosswalk, as well as reduce the conflict potential between pedestrians and motorists.

The signal reprogramming consists of providing the pedestrian with a six-to-eight second head start relative to motorists.  While motorists face a red light, the pedestrian is given the walk signal.  After the head start time, the light will then turn green for motorists.  The goal is to get pedestrians to be mid-way across the street in the crosswalk before traffic is given the green light to proceed.  This system has proven to improve pedestrian visibility and safety.

This signal programming will be installed at four intersections in the downtown district.  These include; North Main Street and Orange Street, North Main Street and Bell Street, North Main Street and Washington Street, and Franklin Street and Washington Street.

This project is scheduled to begin near the end of October and reach completion around the middle of November, 2017.  The project is funded entirely by the Cuyahoga County Supplemental Development Grant (Casino tax funds).

Rob Jamieson

Assistant Executive Officer

Village of Chagrin Falls

Safety Forces and Streets Department Host Meet The Trucks

Meet the Trucks was a huge success on Saturday, October 14th.

Over the three hour event, 500+ guests attended, hundreds of plastic fire helmets were distributed, along with police department trick-or-treat bags and balloons, and most importantly, 300 hot dogs!

The Chagrin Falls Fire Department, the Chagrin Falls Police Department and The Chagrin Falls Service Department thank you for coming out.  Enjoy the photos!

Fall Leaf Collection Begins Monday, October 16th

The Village of Chagrin Falls Street Department will begin the annual leaf pick-up program on Monday, October 16, 2017.  Collection will begin at the south end of town and work north. Leaves should be piled in long  windrows within 4 feet of the curb on the tree lawn wherever possible. On streets with ditches, leaves should be raked as close to the road as possible in windrows, but not blocking the ditch. Leaves should not be raked into the street as they will cause drainage problems. Branches, twigs, and flower cuttings must not be put in the leaf piles as they will clog up the vacuum equipment and slow down the pick-up considerably. Three rounds of leaf pick-up are planned through the Village, weather-permitting. lnclement weather will slow down the pick-up and may delay collection. Please have fall leaves placed out for collection NO LATER THAN Monday, November 20th. A final round of collection through the Village will start on that date. After final pick-up, residents will have to bag their leaves for collection with their regular refuse.

Check the sidebar at for updates throughout the leaf pickup season.